Skyflowers: Master Work


25 x 15ml Flower Remedies.

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Skyflowers: Master Work

for Issues of the Heart

Skyflowers: Master Work is a set of 25 x 15ml stock flower remedies for emotional issues & behavioural problems. Made from forest bromeliads, Skyflowers: Master Work remedies are for expressing your true potential. So you can take action in a world of fear. They help you to unlock your gifts so you can create the life of your dreams.

Allowing you to lead an ascended lifestyle. Here on Earth!

Set Includes

  1. 25 x 15ml Master Work Flower Remedies ( $299 Value )

Skyflowers: Master Work

25 Remedies ~ for Emotional & Behavioural Issues.

  1. Ability
  2. Blushing Heart ( Honesty )
  3. Chakra Flower ( Realignment After Accident or Injury )
  4. Change
  5. Confidence
  6. Green Star ( Ambition )
  7. Happiness
  8. Harmony ( Problem Solving )
  9. Innocence ( Emotional Scars )
  10. Passion
  11. Pineapple ( Stage 1 Stress )
  12. Pinecone Bromeliad ( Organization )
  13. Pink Star ( Release of Trauma )
  14. Precious Jewel ( Contentment )
  15. Purple Heart ( Proportion vs Drama )
  16. Queen of Bromeliads ( Composure )
  17. Queens Tears ( Emotional Flow )
  18. Reality
  19. Sanctuary Flower ( Protection )
  20. Self Awareness
  21. Self Expression
  22. Self Respect
  23. Summer Torch ( Responsibility )
  24. Surrender
  25. Unconditional Love

Note: This list is not final and is subject to minor change.

Skyflowers: Master Work is similar to the Skyflowers: Starter Set and many of the flowers overlap ( see: chart 2).


  • Skyflowers: Master Work is a good choice for your first set of flower remedies.
  • Practitioners who do “brain work” may be interested in the Skyflowers: Infinite Mind set that specializes in thinking & focus issues.
  • Practitioners who do “body work” may be interested in the Skyflowers: Higher Ground set that specializes in karma & long term patterns of consciousness locked in the body.


Compare The Sets



Set Description
Skyflowers: Starter Set 
for kinesiology                        
(a) A ‘well-rounded’ toolkit.
(b) Good for students, kinesiology & natural health practitioners.
(c) A good first set of flower
remedies for newbies.
Botanical Sets
Skyflowers: Infinite Mind
pro set    
(a) 25 *high vibration flowers from
the 1st sub-family of Bromeliads.
(b) For thinking & focus issues.
(c) Brain Gym, LEAP &
“brain work”.
Skyflowers: Master Work
(a) 25 *mid vibration flowers from
the 2nd sub-family of Bromeliads.
(b) For emotion & behaviour issues.
(c) Another good choice for first set of flower remedies.
Skyflowers: Higher Ground
pro set
(a) 25 *(s)low vibration flowers
from 3rd sub-family of Bromeliads.
(b) For karmic issues and long term patterns of consciousness.
(c) Body work, illness, core issues.
Read About Botanical Archetypes.


Starter Set / Master Work Comparison

Here is a detailed comparison of the contents of the Skyflowers: Starter Set and Skyflowers: Master Work.


  • Both are a good choice for your first set of flower remedies.
  • Skyflowers: Master Work is made from plants belonging to the 2nd sub-family of bromeliads and deals with emotional issues.
  • Skyflowers: Starter Set contains 13/25 remedies from MasterWork but also contains 4 each from the Skyflowers: Infinite Mind and Higher Ground sets. This is the key difference.


Skyflowers: Starter Set Skyflowers: Master Work
Ability Ability
Blushing Heart ( Honesty ) Blushing Heart
Chakra Flower Chakra Flower
Chilean Blood Grass ( Free Will )
Dark Green Star ( Natural Balance )
Green Carpet Bromeliad ( 
Green Star ( Goal Setting ) Green Star
Harmony Harmony
Innocence Innocence
King of Bromeliads ( Decisiveness )
Passion Passion
Pineapple ( Stage 1 Stress ) Pineapple
Pinecone Bromeliad ( Systematic ) Pinecone Bromeliad
Pink Sacred Heart ( Soulful )
Pink Star ( Trauma Release ) Pink Star
Precious Jewel ( Contentment ) Precious Jewel
Purple Heart ( Drama )
Queen of Bromeliads ( Chaos )
Queens Tears ( Emotional Flow ) Queens Tears
Sanctuary Flower ( Psychic Attack ) Sanctuary Flower
Sapphire Tower ( EMF, Food Add. )
Self Awareness
Self Expression
Spanish Moss ( Trust )
Summer Torch ( Reponsibility )
Unconditional Love
Yellow Flaming Sword ( Alarmist )


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Additional information

Weight 2500 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 mm
Box Set

Master Work, Kinesiology


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