Mint Star ( Endings )


15ml Stock Remedy.



Mint Star

Cryptanthus caulescens

Learning that we are always midway through ‘the story of our lives’ and exist half way between ‘what has been written’ and ‘what we are yet to write’. Understanding that when we create a thought, that it is finite and will die when no longer needed – aware of the ‘death feelings’ associated with their expiration. Phasing out the concept of death as a concrete end.

Positive – Natural Endings, Natural End of Cycles.

+ Ongoing. Continuation. Transformative. Life changing experience. Living by the cycles of nature and moving with them into new chapters of life. Natural transformation rather than using mental force to change your reality.

Negative – False Conclusion, Projection-of-Finality. 

– Absolute. Finality. Forcing reality to a close or false end via an act of will. Trying to deny or end something in your life that is created by a larger act of will ( sabotage pattern ). Projecting a definite and final end onto events in your life that are still playing out. Fearful of the death of things despite the fact that life continues. Fearful of the end of you. Sinking into depression at the loss of a job, end of a relationship, etc and feeling as though the world were ending. Suffering the emotional effects of the death of a thought ( job, relationship, etc ) that has come to an end. Enclosing your awareness in a shroud of dark thinking.

Cause of Issue – Projection ( of Consciousness ).

The Botanical Archetype Cryptanthus relieves issues caused by a projection of your own consciousness.

Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 90 mm
Plant Group

Sub-Family 2 – Bromelioideae, Cryptanthus


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