New Life *25ml Blend*


25ml Stock Remedy.



Fresh Start *25ml Blend*

Start Life Again. Whenever You Want.

If you have ever wanted to ‘start your life over again’ and make a fresh start, then this blend is for you.

Fresh Start is a ‘rebirthing’ blend designed to ‘reboot the computer’, quit old thought programs and shut down outdated consciousness! Great for when you want a ‘clean sheet of paper’ to write your life on.


  1. Evolution  Blocked, Barrier. ( Rebirth Stage 2. )
  2. Harmony – Problem, Conflict.
  3. Identity – Identity Crisis, Maladjusted.
  4. Intelligence – Idiotic, Unintelligent.
  5. Queen of Bromeliads – Panic, Hysteria.
  6. Rebirth – Repeat, Replay. ( Rebirth Stage 4. )
  7. Transmigration – Revert, Relapse. ( Rebirth Stage 3. )
  8. Yellow Bell Bromeliad – Break Down, Fall Apart.

 No medical claims made.

Additional information

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 10 mm


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