Perfection ( of the Spirit )


15ml Stock Remedy.



Botanical Name – Quesnelia arvensis

+ Perfect. Accepting you are a perfect being just as you are. Accepting that your reality is created according to the image you have of yourself, a perfect replica of what you think of yourself.

Negative – Imperfect, Flawed. 
– Defective. Divided into higher ( spiritual ) self & lower ( human ) self ; constantly at war because of these. Living according to a flawed self image. Acting upon a faulty, incomplete or imperfect blueprint of who you are. Imperfection in the view you have of yourself. Viewing yourself as fundamentally flawed and spending your life trying to fix, correct or make up for it.

Cause of Issue – Division, Separation & Fragmentation ( from Nature ).
The Botanical Archetype Quesnelia relieves issues caused by *mental division, *separating yourself from the whole which fragments your reality and leads to a sense of alienation and breeds conflict & infighting. ( Aka ‘The ‘Adam & Eve’ complex. )

Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 90 mm
Plant Group

Sub-Family 2 – Bromelioideae, Quesnelia


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