Pink Spear Bromeliad ( Permission )


15ml Stock Remedy.



Pink Spear Bromeliad

Aechmea macroclamys – Issues of Self / Soul Expression.


  1. Learning the lessons of ‘permission’ and how you grant access to negativity in your life.
  2. Drawing upon your natural ‘firewall’ that blocks you from all harm.
  3. Being ‘permeable’ by allowing positive influences to enter your life while blocking negative ones.

Positive – Approve, Permit.

  • Living life, your way.
  • Giving yourself permission to think, say and do what you wish.
  • Giving expression to your unique spirit.
  • Granting permission to things that are beneficial. Open to what is healthy for you.
  • Not needing the approval of others.

Negative – Disapprove, Forbid.

  • Seeking the approval of others. Never up to standard.
  • Living by rules that prevent your happiness. I.e. Bans, off limits, taboos.
  • Forbidden freedoms, choices and desires for what you want to experience in life.
  • Adhering to dogma, strict diets or hardline disciplines that forbid the human spirit from freely expressing itself. E.g. Spiritual practices that deny your personality.
  • Granting people admission to your life that are negative influences.
  • Open to what is unhealthy for you. Closed to what is healthy.

Practitioner Notes

  • The Pink Spear Bromeliad is a war-like name. But the soft, gentle pink coloring of the flower bract is an indication of a soothing quality to the remedy. A softening of a guarded, warrior stance & the tendency to fight for permission to live your life the way you want to.
  • The Pink Spear Bromeliad is perfect for troublesome toddlers, teenagers or rebellious personalities who, underneath it all, conform to a set strict rules, guidelines & dogma of their own. In the case of anarchists, their rebellion often has it’s roots in bitter mother / father issues. Rather than a natural desire to allow the laws of nature / life to freely express themselves, thus transcending the need for human laws to be applied.
  • The overall lesson of the Pink Spear Bromeliad is about “having the permission to be yourself”. Living life, your way & expressing your divine spirit rather than adhering to dogmatic beliefs or strict disciplines that ultimately confine your human spirit. On the flipside or “negative”, the Pink Spear Bromeliad is indicated when you have permitted something that is not healthy or beneficial. It shows up when you have been compromised in the past, have been living with it but are now ready to let go of this boundary issue. As the Aechmea’s deal with fear-based issues, it will mean that you have built a ‘healthy looking’ behaviour or a set of rules that use fear-of-harm as the blueprint. Thus leading to a behaviour that is built around fear, not based on life or healthy self expression.

Cause of the Problem – Suppression of Emotion, Suppression of Self.

Doctrine of Signatures

  • The hard, thorny leaves contrast with the soft pink, soothing flower spike. While this is a gentle flower, this sharp contrast is a warning to the practitioner that the person may be “rubbed raw” and be oblivious to their own pain.
  • Soothing, soft colored flowers can be quite cathartic to someone who is in fight/flight mode. And has become used to living that way.
  • As with any flower remedy, “heed the warnings of nature” and apply caution.

Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 90 mm
Plant Group

Sub-Family 2 – Bromelioideae, Aechmea


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