15ml Stock Remedy.




Neoregelia chlorosticta

Unlocking your full potential. Understanding the word ‘greatness’ and how it applies to you. Wielding spiritual power without fear.

Positive – Possible, Achievable.

+ Accomplished. Potent. Mighty. Allowing yourself to reach your full potential. Beliefs and thinking that encourages your very best. Dismantling belief systems that limit your full potential. Getting out there and bringing your gifts to the world. Able to live a quiet life and wield power – equally – without becoming emotional about it. Seeking to reach your full potential without turning it into a burden. Able to serve humanity how, when and where you are needed most. Wielding the spiritual power that you have built up from years of self development. Seeing the value and potential in other people and their projects. Strong possibility of success in your life. Potential for greatness.

Negative – Impotent, Impossible. 

– Unproductive. Ineffective. Crippled. Goals, plans and projects that are unlikely to succeed. Beliefs that limit your ‘full potential’ and spectrum of choice – that of (a) rising to greatness or (b) leading a simple, ordinary and human life. Believing high powered roles in society to be dangerous, a burden or beyond your capacity to accomplish. Spiritual beliefs that are based on avoiding, hiding or withdrawing from the world and its problems. Stuck in a never ending cycle of self help(lessness), working on yourself, healing, emotional issues, etc that ultimately serves as an excuse to sit on the sidelines of life. Junk thinking that limits your potential. Dogmatic beliefs that block possibility. Sabotaging your ability to wield your power. Strong possibility of failure in your life. Potential for a wasted life.

Cause of Issue – Delusion ( Misperception of Reality ).

The Botanical Archetype Neoregelia relieves issues caused by beliefs, perceptions & perspectives that have no basis in reality.

Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 90 mm
Plant Group

Sub-Family 2 – Bromelioideae, Neoregelia


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