Protection *25ml Blend*


25ml Stock Combination Remedy.



To compliment the individual Skyflowers are a range of pre-mixed flower essence combinations. They are of stock potency and are presented in 25ml Amber glass bottles with rubber tops.


The Skyflowers Combination for Solitude and Privacy.

We can easily forget that inside us exists a place of infinite peace, tranquility and radiant silence. Often, what we perceive as ‘the noisy world’ is in fact, the noise we ourselves are making in relation to the world! This blend of flowers helps you to remember that inside you is a Sanctuary that only you can enter.

The Skyflowers in this Combination are –

  1. Dangling Air Plant – Self Absorbed, Preoccupied.
  2. Intention – Doubtful, Uncertain.
  3. Mercy – Hostile, Retaliatory.
  4. Precious Jewel – Displeased, Discontent.
  5. Queens Tears – Sadness, Grief.
  6. Sanctuary Flower – Violated, Invaded.
  7. Security – Unstable, Insecure.
  8. Sprawling Silver Bush – Uncomfortable, Awkward.

Additional information

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 10 mm


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