Self Discipline ~ “I Manage”


15ml Stock Remedy.



Self Discipline

Billbergia porteana

Self management. Retaining control of your mind, emotions and reality. Managing the challenges of life so you can reach your full potential. 


+ Self management. Self control. Able to exercise restraint. Using only the resources that you currently need to live your life. Renouncing excess in all it’s forms – physical materialism and spiritual materialism ( the desire for internal objects such as calm, inner peace, wisdom, insight, etc ). Abandoning the path of self service, self focus and self-ishness that can lead to wider problems. Forgoing worldly pleasures in times of greater need.

Negative – Excessive, Indulgent. 

– Needless. Wasteful. Self indulgent. Gross consumerism. Squandering precious resources. Unable to control yourself. Lacking basic discipline. Seeking pleasure through the ownership of material objects only to become burdened by them. Excesses that burden or weigh your spirit down. Renouncing the needs of the world in favour of your own pleasure. Using world crisis as an excuse to focus on your own needs and desires.

Cause of Issue – Negative Affirmation.

The Botanical Archetype Billbergia relieves issues caused by negative affirmations & limiting statements about self – “I am self indulgent”.

Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 90 mm
Core Issue

Emotional Body, Billbergia


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