Self Discipline ~ “I Manage”


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Self Discipline

Billbergia porteana


  • Self management.
  • Disciplines that meet the needs of life.
  • Managing the challenges of life so you can reach your full potential.

Positive – Self Control. Self Management.

  • Practicing disciplines that meet the demands of real life.
  • Following rules that bring you ( & others ) benefit.
  • Curbing unhealthy behaviours. Exercising restraint when you need to.
  • Renouncing excess – from “physical materialism” to the more subtle, “spiritual materialism” ( the desire to keep “objects” such as calm, inner peace, wisdom, insight, etc as permanent possessions ).
  • Being of service. Forgoing worldly pleasures in times of greater need.

Negative – Needless. Wasteful.

  • Lacking basic discipline.
  • Lacking the disciplines that real life asks you to practice.
  • Self indulgent. Squandering precious resources such as time & precious energy.
  • Self development practices that serve you in good times. But let you down when times are tough.
  • Having no “Plan B” or backup plan you follow when you feel ill, aren’t coping or life is problematic. Throwing discipline out the window when you need to be.

Pro System

  • Cause of the Problem – Affirmation ( of the Ego ). The Botanical Archetype Billbergia relieves issues caused by ego-statements made in the past that now are a limitation in your life.
  • The Billbergia are for “affirmation of the soul” and identifying with your true self. ( Not your self image or the ego-version of you. )
  • See: Skyflowers: Pro System for more information about the 21 plant groups.

Pro Tip

The flower of Self Discipline is an affirmation flower, a Billbergia. Add a Billbergia first when making a combination remedy as they help create a “backbone” for a new identity and internal posture. Add other flowers such as the flower of Self Development or Excellence to flesh out the blend.

Doctrine of Signatures

Billbergia porteana forms a tall, tubular column of leaves that are stiff & upright. Contrasting this are the long pink, pendulous flower bracts that dangle below the plant. These conflicting messages of tall & stiff vs long & flowing indicate extremes & tension in the psyche. The extremes of the ego & the soul.

While the ego does its job & provides a sense of identity, the ego is limited. While the ego prides itself on “knowing”, it cannot perceive the totality of the soul. And so, operates from an incomplete & flawed “model of self”. Applying equally limited labels to who you are.

As a result, ego-statements & “I am” affirmations are really statements of limitation. Statements created from a limited awareness. Not statements of personal, raw power.

The flower of Self Discipline helps to remove old “I am” statements of identity & return you to a natural state of being that does not require affirming, bettering or changing. Life has its own rulebook. And when you are natural & being yourself, you will be following those guidelines. Naturally.


  • The Flower of Self Discipline is an affirmation flower.
  • To be clear, an “affirmation” is not what is presented in self help or psychology books. The traditional “affirmation-of-the-ego” or verbalized “I am” statement is flawed. An affirmation is really an “affirmation of life”. An affirming of the spirit of life & life’s inherent qualities. I.e. “Life is life-giving”.
  • When the flower of Self Discipline is indicated you need to take a close look at your routines, practices and self development program. They may “ego rules” and not “life rules”. ( See: homework ) The flower is raising awareness of a simple fact. “Life has rules” you need to follow.
  • It is easy to eat healthy food, exercise and be disciplined when you are happy, calm or life is stable. But what happens when things go wrong? Do you have a “plan B” or do your basic disciplines & “rules of life” fall apart?
  • Do your self development practices or basic disciplines hold up in hard times? Do you get caught off guard in certain areas of life? I.e. Financially. Apply discipline to these weak areas.

No medical claims made.

Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 90 mm
Core Issue

Emotional Body, Billbergia


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