Silver Grass Bromeliad


15ml Stock Remedy.



Botanical Name – Puya species

Positive + Recovery, Recuperation.

+ Finding your feet. Establishing your own life. Standing your ground. Remaining in place during times of upheaval. Absorbing shock or distress.

Negative – Recoiling, Reeling. 

– Impacted upon. Thrown by events. Rocked to your foundations. On the rebound. Still reeling from past experiences. Unable to establish a life for yourself.

Cause of Issue – Under Research.

The Botanical Archetype Puya is still under research. One clue is that they are for ‘rehabilitation’ work.

Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 90 mm
Plant Group

Sub-Family 3 – Pitcairnioidieae, Puya


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