Simplicity ( Ease )


15ml Stock Remedy.




Tillandsia streptophylla

Learning that nature is simple and straightforward in its expression of life. Learning that the best pathways are often the direct ones. Doing what you need to do to reach your objective.

Positive – Simple, Straightforward.

+ Simple. Straight forward. Easy. Thinking in terms of what is necessary. Taking a direct approach to life.

Negative –Difficult, Complicated. 

– Indirect. Doing things the hard way. Entangled in your own thinking. Caught up in complicated situations. Messing things up.

Cause of Issue – Fixation / Habituation.
The Botanical Archetype Tillandsia relieves issues caused by fixation ( excessive focus ), obsession & repetitive habit.

Lesson of this Plant Group

Constant mental / subconscious focus will intensify your problems.

Plant Notes

The Flower of Simplicity, Tillandisa streptophylla is one of the most ornate of all the ‘air plants’. With it’s tight curls that can extend for several feet, this curiosity of nature attracts attention every time. Called ‘The Shirley Temple Plant’ in north America, the Flower of Simplicity displays quite plainly its signature trait.

The body of the plant, not the flowers is the thing to pay attention to for all of the signature traits are learned through it. The tangled, confused, mess of an appearance is an indicator that the persons thoughts are in the same shape. This is a plant for someone whose thoughts criss-cross, tangle and do not go in a straight line! As a result, nor do their actions.

Despite its tangled appearance, the plant grows and expresses itself easily. Like all plants. The tangles are part of its essence and are not a problem to it. The external interpretation is the problem, whereas, underneath it all, the plant is quite happy and lives a straightforward existence. This is a statement of the soul’s ability to bypass mental confusion and express itself directly, without issue. This flower is for those who exist in their mind, are grounded in their thoughts and have become tangled up in their stories. And lost contact with their deeper selves.

The message is ‘Be direct. Say what you mean. Follow through on your thoughts with direct action. Go directly toward your goals.

No Medical Claims Made.

Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 90 mm
Plant Group

Sub-Family 1 – Tillandsioidieae, Tillandsia


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