Strategy ( Planning)


15ml Stock Remedy.




Vriesea frieburgensis var. paludosa

Applying a ‘common sense’ approach to life. Learning to plan & maximise your chance of success. Factoring for the costs of time, money & energy when applying a spiritual approach to life. 

Positive – Tactical, Strategic.

+ Planning skills. Strategy. Tactics. Forward thinking. Strategic approach. Tactical or smart move to reach your goal. Plans that account for real costs of time, money & energy. Planning life events that cannot be left to chance. Workable plans that can deliver a result. Solid plans and strategies that maximize your chance of success.

Negative – Impractical, Inefficient.

– Poor planning skills. Unplanned. Unforeseen problems. Seeking success despite having no plan about how to achieve it. Lack of forethought, preparation or planning. Plans destined to fail from the beginning. Changing your plans half way through a creative cycle. Coming across unforeseen hurdles, obstacles and things you should have been prepared for. Following a line of logic that will not lead to the result you want. Believing that you can think or do anything you want and still achieve or ‘manifest’ a good result. Emotionally attached to your ideas despite their impracticality. Lacking consideration for the feasibility of your ideas yet you commit to them anyway. Spiritual thinking that do not account for time, money and energy.

Cause of Issue – Con(scious)fusion.

The Botanical Archetype Vriesea relieves issues caused by con(scious)fusion & conflicting thoughts.

Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 90 mm
Plant Group

Sub-Family 1 – Tillandsioidieae, Vriesea


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