Tears of the Sun

Encholerium horridum

Alleviates symptoms that have an unknown cause. Clarifies thoughts & decompresses emotions that have collected into a dark mass. Use when there are multiple issues that are too big to comprehend and too large to express.

Positive – Comprehend, Grasp. 
+  Grasp the situation. Decompression of multiple thoughts and emotions so they can be processed gradually. Defuses strong emotions and suppressed feelings without having to address them as individual issues. Deflation of big issues. Washing away the sedimentary layers of the mind to reveal the actual, true experience. Removing layers of thoughts, feelings and projections from current events. Able to experience life & death without clouding or polluting the experience of it. Standing tall while your problems shrink. Identifying with your true awesome and unfathomable nature. Dwarfing petty fears about life.

Negative – Unimaginable, Horrific. 
–  Massive. Monumental upheaval. Compressed emotions. Multiple suppressed emotions. De(com)pressed. Sum-of-all-fears. Sum-of-all-emotions. Pooling your fears. Building up layers of belief, resistance and fear to life and experiencing the backlash of it. Projecting fear upon fear onto life and experiencing those feelings as dark events. Awash with ill feelings that bubble up from within. Under a dark cloud of negative views and other murky outlooks about life. Swimming in a sea of fear. Enclosed within a dark shroud of your own making. Swallowed up by a dark shroud that is awesome and impenetrable. Fear of apocalypse. Dreams of massive wars and large scale carnage stemming from the emotional battle you wage inside. Ill feelings and deep unease that is the result of all the emotions you carry. Afraid of an inner demon. Stored or unprocessed shock.

Cause of Issue – Under Research.
The Botanical Archetype Encholerium is for comprehension. These flowers help to clarify thinking by decompressing mass consciousness and emotions into individual elements.

No medical claims made. In memory of Robin Williams who died at the time this essence was released.

Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 90 mm
Core Issue

Physical ( Karmic ) Body, Encholerium


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