Yellow Flowering Rock Bromeliad ( Exhaustion )


15ml Stock Remedy.



Botanical Name – Abromitiella chrysantha

Positive – Lively, Energetic.
+ Feeding your soul. Attending to heartfelt plans and cherished goals. Thinking about the things you want to achieve in this life. Paying attention to what matters most in life.

Negative – Depleted, Exhausted.
– Tired. Buried. Smothered by endless circumstances. Soul starved. Feeling swamped by life. Possessing very little time to express your passion or joy. Starved of attention. Paying attention to the wrong things in life. Used up. Using all of your energy up on something that does not wholly serve you. Toxic thinking and emotions that smother your soulful plans and dreams. Feeding one area of life only and syphoning off the energy you have for other things.

Cause of Issue – Under Research.

The Botanical Archetype Abromitiella is still under research. One clue is that they are for ‘over stimulation’ and toxic thinking.


Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 90 mm
Plant Group

Sub-Family 3 – Pitcairnioidieae, Abromitiella


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