Skyflowers Emotions. Designed for Real Self Development.


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The Human Mind. Clearly Defined.

After a string of delays, Skyflowers Emotions has finally been released. The dictionary was originally set for release in May 2016. Then June. Then July. Then August. Then September. I chose to delay the release rather than publish something that I wasn’t fully happy with. So here we are nearly 6 months after the original deadline. And it’s done!

Call me a perfectionist but if you are writing a dictionary of emotions then it needs to be spot on. Every one of them needs to be clear. Especially when this was the main reason for writing the manual in the first place.

The idea for the dictionary originated about 20 years ago, back when I was custom making clinical manuals ( and a set of flower remedies ) for use in my own clinic. Then about 5 years ago, I decided to publish a companion manual to go alongside the Skyflowers Flower Remedy Guide. The idea was to produce an emotions dictionary that linked to the Skyflowers Guide but could also be used independently of the flower remedies. A dictionary that could stand alone, by itself.

Deciding on the format for Skyflowers Emotions was easy.

  • The definitions had to be original, clear and concise. Which is a standard approach to all of my work.
  • It had to be ‘scan chart’ format that could be used in a kinesiology consultation.
  • It had to cover 250 emotions, thought patterns and terminology.

For consistency, the format of the Skyflowers Guide was used as the template and viola, Skyflowers Emotions was born.

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( Click the thumbnails and take a look inside )

The focus of Skyflowers Emotions is on clarity and originality. Many ’emotions dictionaries’ out there are just that, a copy-‘n-paste of an actual Oxford dictionary or thesaurus. Other than the copyright and legal issues, these formats just don’t ‘cut it’ in a professional clinic.

  1. A standard dictionary provides dry, robotic and generic definitions. Not gritty, human or real-life ones.
  2. A thesaurus provides words that mean the same thing but don’t get to the mechanics or beating heart of the thing.
  3. Neither are really designed for human psychology.

These things leave the practitioner ‘reaching for more information’ to make up for ‘the human gap’. A lack of information that a person can readily relate to and identify with.

Skyflowers Emotions Is About ‘Real Self Development’.

The theme of this volume ( if there is one ) is ‘practical thinking about spirituality and natural therapies’ and takes a good hard look at both of these. Examining the unhealthy things ( and thinking ) that go on in the name of health and spirituality.

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As mentioned earlier in this article, the focus of Skyflowers Emotions is on clarity and originality. The third factor ( and the whole point of the exercise ) is the focus on ‘real self-development and real life issues’. It’s designed to be human. It’s designed to be raw. It sometimes delivers a sharp reminder to check your thinking, actions and behaviour. It’s also designed to clean up some of the common misconceptions and ‘floaty terms’ that are circulating around the natural health field.

I make no apology for the frank, ‘forward’ style of Skyflowers Emotions either. It is supposed to ‘call you on your stuff’, ‘burst your bubble’ if there is one that needs bursting and bring you back to reality if your mind is elsewhere.

Skyflowers Emotions is not for superficial self development, ego-pleasing or spiritual arrogance. So be warned.

I may sound negative in a promotional piece but I wrote this manual because I am concerned at what I commonly see.

  • I’m concerned about the ‘spiritual health’ of people and their thinking.
  • I’m concerned about the health of the industry I work in and where it is leading people. I.e To a reliance on more self help, not self reliance.
  • I’m concerned about some of the concepts that are commonly taught as truths.

What concerns me most about ‘self help’ is that the goal of it seems to have shifted away from ‘growing up as a human being’ and become ‘a feel good thing’. Growing up and feeling good are different objectives. Real self development is about developing leadership, making decisions for yourself and living with the consequences of those decisions. While ‘feeling good’ has its place, it is not the main goal of self development. Growing up and shedding your illusions about life is.

  • Self help tends to be self focused and self absorbed. It’s about ‘me’. This is kids stuff.
  • Self development is about growing beyond your own ego, becoming socially aware and bringing your unique talents to the world.

Skyflowers Emotions is designed for that purpose. Growing up and growing beyond your ego limitations.

Anyway, I am turning a blog post into a book as I always do. Let’s get back to the point of this article. Skyflowers Emotions has been released and is available for sale.

I am currently sending promotional copies to natural therapy schools for use in student clinics and also to kinesiology associations for their review so if you recieve one in the post, let me know what you think.

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