Skyflowers.Tv [002] – Prisoners of the Mind

Episode 2 is a short, unscripted documentary filmed at the Port Arthur, Tasmania convict settlement. I was holidaying in the area decided to road test my new GoPro camera that I had bought to film Skyflowers.Tv. As Port Arthur is an amazing historical site ( and also the site of the infamous shootings in 1996 that killed 35 people ), I decided to film an episode there.

The title for the episode soon came to me. It was to be called ‘Prisoners of the Mind’ and would be part documentary, part self development lesson. The setting was perfect. I decided to shoot the film with no script and make it up as I walked around the prison and nearby settlement. Which proved to be a challenge to find the right words in a place as awesome and emotional as Port Arthur. I wanted a challenge but now see why people on Tv use teleprompters lol! Public speaking is easy compared to speaking to a camera and making it both perfect and interesting!

As I had arrived early in the morning, I had the entire site to myself so the shots are wide, open and ‘people free’. Normally, bus loads of tourists arrive in the morning and so shooting later in the day is next to impossible as you would hear tour guides in the back ground and people walking across shots.

Being at Port Arthur was something of a catharsis for me. To be completely honest, in the final shot, I actually broke down in tears at being able to ‘walk away’ from the prison. A feeling I am sure that many prisoners ( and some guards ) would have longed to be able to do but could not.

I also shot other footage at the site and may use this in future episodes. The ruined church built in 1886 is particularly interesting but I am not sure the footage is all that good.

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