Skyflowers.Tv to Be Shot on GoPro

While I wait for my new GoPro to arrive in the mail, I thought I’d give a quick update on what’s happening with Skyflowers.Tv. The 1st episode has been posted and is all about what I will be doing with The Skyflowers Project in 2017. The show is basically a screencast with me narrating and lacks all the fancy video editing that will be coming to Skyflowers.Tv. Rather than wait until everything is perfect, I thought I’d post the first show and polish up the shows as a I go.

Photography has always been a hobby of mine, so I am super excited to have an outlet for that part of my life. While my main skill set is in horticulture and plant medicine, photography would be my ‘2nd career’. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to shoot some interesting projects. Flower photography is my main subject, but I have also had human subjects. I have created several modelling folios and shot several rock bands at live shows. The most famous of which is Australian rock band, Midnight Oil where I was on the film crew before their retirement. ( Now that they are out of retirement, I plan on shooting that too. )

Skyflowers.Tv is something I am excited about. While I love flower therapy and my research, Skyflowers.Tv is something that really suits me as I get to bring my love of plants and cameras together.

The aim of Skyflowers.Tv isn’t to produce ‘boring old educational videos’. The aim is to create lively educational videos that have engaging imagery as well as information. Skyflowers.Tv is about life and to catch the spirit of life, you need good equipment. This is why I chose to film on a GoPro action camera. They are tiny, portable and give you super high-definition video footage. The latest model has jaw dropping 4K resolution, which is movie quality.

The aim is to ‘move’ the audience, not just have them sit in a chair and ‘watch a video’.

As I write this, it appears my GoPro has arrived on our doorstep so I will sign off and get acquainted with my new gadget. Which is great because I will be leaving for 2 weeks vacation on February 4th. I am travelling to the southern most part of Australia, the island of Tasmania. Separated from the mainland millions of years ago, Tasmania is rich in plant life planned life so I will be taking my camera equipment to film some episodes for Skyflowers.Tv. There is no better place to talk about flower therapy than live and in the wild. So stay tuned for that footage.

You can see the videos on this website or you can subscribe on YouTube.

P.s. Owning a GoPro has made me instantly fitter. Thinking up outrageous things to do so that I can film them lol. Don’t get me started on the cool equipment already on my wishlist. #Drone.

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