Spiritual Forecast for 2021

Thematically, 2021 is the year of ‘true rest’.

It is a year to take rest, recuperate and recover from the stress of 2020. It is the year to approach life and everything you do from a position of rest, energy and mental calm. This takes practice.

‘True rest’ is a discipline and is not achieved via the casual act of loafing on the coach or being lazy on a Sunday. These activities are restful, but with other things on your mind, they do not produce a deep, soulful rest in your spirit.

In this article we explore the concept of true rest, the benefits and why slowing down to the pace of life is the most productive way to succeed in life. But before we get to those insights, we will explore the problems associated with 2021. We need to firstly understand the other side of the story – the concept of ‘spiritual exhaustion’, long-term fatigue and depletion.

Let’s begin to explore the .

In this article we look at the spiritual lessons for the year ahead.

When I began drafting this 2021 spiritual forecast, the flower that immediately came to mind was the Yellow Flowering Rock Bromeliad. A dry, desert bromeliad that is one of the 25 grounding flowers in the Skyflowers: Higher Ground box set. As the Yellow Flowering Rock Bromeliad is the flower of the year for 2021, it is also in the Skyflowers: Twenty One box set too.

The choice of this particular remedy ( over the other 100+ others that could have been chosen ) doesn’t surprise me.

Mother Nature’s Instructions

Okay, let’s begin with what we know. If 2020 was about a virus, lockdowns and an unprecedented world event, what will next year ( 2021 ) be about?

In order to get a concept of the overall theme ( vibrational pattern ) of 2021, we are going to do something ‘old school’. We are going to study the Yellow Flowering Rock Bromeliad using an 18th century technique called ‘The Doctrine of Signatures’. Using this technique, we will read the physical body of the plant and from those ‘signature clues’, decode ‘mother natures instructions’ about how to live in 2021.

If you look at the photograph below, you can see the Yellow Flowering Rock Bromeliad in the wild. What do you notice?

Let’s break this image down and build up a picture of the challenges in the year ahead. Here are the signature clues.

  • Flower ( Spike ) – Flowers depict ‘feelings’ & our relationship to the soul. In this case, the long flower stem depicts ‘avoidance’ & in matters that are  ‘close to the heart’.
  • Leaf Color – Leaves become red when under stress in the dry season. This intensity relates to an ‘intense issue’ and an extreme stress pattern.
  • Dead, dry leaves – The base of the plant is full of dead matter, depicting an accumulation of old mental & emotional material. Layers of stress have built up, making us uncomfortable and moving us away from our true, natural self.
  • Root system – The plant is ‘welded’ to the ground and razor sharp leaves prevent easy removal. Strong rooting indicates an entrenched mentality and a series of ingrained belief systems stacked on top of it.
  • Habitat – Dry, rocky, desert environment indicates a hard life, ‘spiritual thirst’ & a lack of resources needed to thrive.

When you observe the growing habit of plants, you are looking at the movement of life energy. Or ‘emotion’.

While you can also read positive properties from the same signature clues, for now lets keep it simple. Let’s look at what we have and see how we should respond. This will help you in your planning and preparations for 2021. Then we will finish the article on a positive note. I promise. After all, this article is about the best path forward so you thrive in 2021.

Essence of the Times

As a flower remedy, the Yellow Flowering Rock Bromeliad is used for ‘spiritual exhaustion’, fatigue & an inability to fully recover. It’s for long-term exhaustion, so it is perfect to help you recover from the Covid-stress of 2020.

After all, the virus has been tiring. The long, drawn out crisis has been mentally challenging, emotionally draining & physically exhausting. New challenges have been heaped on top of the old ones and there has been a lot extra to deal with. With very little time or energy to do it. But somehow, we managed.

This all sets the stage for 2021. So what will it be about?

2021 is a good year for rest & ‘laying foundations’ for your dreams… and a bad year for wasting time, money & energy.

If you look back to early 2020, there have been two clear ‘signs’ from spirit / nature this year that tell us what 2021 will be about.

  • The first signal was the wave of panic & fear back in March telling us to ‘adopt a posture of caution’. I wrote an article about this and suggest you read it to better understand this forecast.
  • The second signal is the ‘spiritual exhaustion’ and fatigue we all feel from the stress of 2020. This was a signal to ‘adopt a posture of self-preservation’. Which is a subtle change on the earlier signal.

This brings us to the general theme of 2021. The desire for ‘true rest’ and resting from ‘the cares of life’ and the stress that comes from living in this world.

As we enter 2021, we are ‘starting the year tired’ and have not fully recovered from 2020. We have a new year ahead of us but are still tired from 2020. While this sounds like a negative or a ‘bad year’, it is not.

The tiredness you feel after 2020 is a clue about how to approach 2021. Rest.

Yes, you read that correctly. The tiredness, fatigue and exhaustion you feel from 2020 is actually your guide for 2021. It signals that it is time to… rest. But how do you rest when you have things to do?


To understand the theme of 2021, let’s look at the Yellow Flowering Rock Bromeliad again. Earlier, we used ‘the doctrine of signatures’ to draw a picture of the flower and translated its growing habit into human terms.

Now, let’s apply some key words to that image. Keywords help you to create a sharper picture in your mind of a flower, herb or plant. When you choose the right keyword – when a word ‘rings true’ – it tells you the soulful properties of the flower. This is one of the techniques used to define the properties of a flower or plant remedy during proofing trials.

While there are words like ‘resilient’, etc, here are some of the most relevant keywords for the Yellow Flowering Rock Bromeliad.

  • Self Preservation
  • Conservation ( conserving water, resources, life energy )
  • Reservation ( reserving energy, water for later )
  • Spiritual Exhaustion
  • Depletion ( of water, food, resources )
  • Debt ( lack of water, resources, life energy )
  • And finally, Thriving ( in 2021 ). A keyword that applies to any healthy plant.

Self Preservation

What is self preservation? Take a look at the picture of the Yellow Flowering Rock Bromeliad in it’s dry, desert environment and you will see what it means.

  • Self preservation is about feeding your soul.
  • Looking after yourself.
  • Taking care of the things that matter. This means doing things that are hard and not just doing things that please your ego.

Too often we exhaust ourselves, spend energy on the wrong things and neglect things that matter. The key to 2021 is self preservation. Doing things that matter most so you build a strong foundation for your future.

Conservation, Conserve

The Yellow Flowering Rock Bromeliad has the ability to ‘preserve life’ despite living in an arid & harsh environment. It does this by conserving energy and eliminating waste.

  • Don’t waste time, money or energy in 2021.
  • Don’t waste ( mental & emotional ) energy on things that don’t matter. Especially on social media.
  • Save yourself for later.

Conservation, in its purest sense, is really about finding the most efficient way to use a resource. It implies thoughtfulness, careful planning and discipline. The key to 2021 is to conserve your time, money & mental energy and spend it on things that bring rewards.

Which is the exact opposite of what most people will want to do after the restrictions of 2020. They will want to ‘spend’, not save for later. Given that ‘running out of resources’ ( depletion ) is a pitfall of 2021, be careful what you spend your time & energy on. The resource you spend may be in short supply.

Reservation, Reserves

The Yellow Flowering Rock Bromeliad has mastered self preservation to the point it can thrive in a dry, rocky, desert environment. It does this by conserving its energy and always keeping something in reserve for later.

  • Be reserved, rather than spendthrift.
  • Think carefully about what you spend your time, money or energy on.
  • Keep some assets in reserve for later. Spend them when the time is right so you maximise your gains.
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The key to 2021 is to be cautious ( or rather, shrewd ) with your time, money and resources. When the right opportunity comes along, spend away! Otherwise, save yourself until the time is right. This approach implies discipline.

Self-imposed restriction ( discipline ) is something the ego does not like. Especially after a lengthy lockdown.

Okay, we have looked at 3 of the positive keywords. Let’s look at the 3 of the negative key words that also apply to 2021 – spiritual exhaustion, depletion & debt.

Spiritual Exhaustion

Spiritual exhaustion is the #1 issue of 2021. Spiritual exhaustion is multi-faceted and includes mental, emotional and physical fatigue – all at the same time. Spiritual exhaustion is when you have run out of fuel and don’t have the strength to deal with life. Let alone any new problems or opportunities that come along.

  • Rest, periodically.
  • Rest before you get too tired. Not after. Don’t want until you are depleted.
  • Rest your mind. Meditate early in the day so you approach life from a posture of clarity and rest.

The irony is that 2021 is the perfect time to take rest. In fact, it is essentially about practicing how to rest and be efficient with your time, money & energy.

’Rest’ is not simply about relaxing. It is the practice of ‘coming from a position of power’.


The dry, dead leaves around the base of the plant warn against depletion. In dry times, the Yellow Flowering Rock Bromeliad will use up water reserves in the leaves to keep itself alive. This will get it through the hard times but you don’t want to do this all the time as this will build up layers of stress ( dead leaves ) that you will have to work through later.

  • Be careful you don’t deplete your resources in 2021. Rest, spend and replenish.
  • Keep stocks of what you need. Food, etc. Learn the lesson of 2020 and plan ahead.
  • Don’t overcommit yourself. If you run out of time, money or mental / emotional energy, you won’t be in a position to deal with issues or take advantage of opportunities that come along.

It is an unhealthy habit to ‘spend, deplete, replenish’. Practice coming from a position of rest.

The key to 2021 is to acknowledge when you are low on energy, resources and reserves before you run out. Be aware that the same themes will be reflected in society as well. So things like money, work and supplies may be ‘depleted’ and in short supply in 2021.


The last thing to watch out for in 2021 is debt. When I use the word ‘debt’ however, it is in the broad sense. Running out of time, running out of mental energy and running out of money will cause you to borrow from other areas of life, thereby draining resources from those areas of life.

By far the biggest issue in 2020-21 ( bigger than the virus ) is financial debt that is sweeping through society. With a slowing of economies around the world ( recession ), it is getting harder for people to service personal debts, credit card interest, student loans and mortgage repayments.

Financial stress & money problems will be a big issue in 2021. Check for this in the clinic.

On top of this, ‘global debt’ is a big problem and is ‘adversely affecting the circulation of resources through the veins of society’. While many people think the virus was the big issue, the real issue is yet to come. Hence the need to stay grounded and adopt a game plan of self preservation, conserving energy and leaving something in reserve in 2021.

I will take up the subject of ‘financial stress & spiritual debt’ in other posts as it will be the #1 issue & ‘trending theme’ over the next few years. You can bank on it.

Thriving in 2021

Okay. Now that we have looked at the pros and cons of 2021, let’s put it all together and work out a game plan. An action plan to help you win.

It has to be said that if you have survived to this point in the article then you are a survivor! And have what it takes to thrive in 2021. Congratulations!

So how do you make progress?

  1. While we have used words like ‘self preservation’, ‘caution’ and ‘conserving energy’, they were used to help you adopt a specific ‘internal posture’. Which helps you align your mental attitudes & actions in 2021.
  2. 2021 is not about hiding under a rock until 2022 or becoming 100% defensive or paralysed with fear.
  3. 2021 is about being 100% smart.

While the general tone of this article points to caution and grounding, this does not mean there will be no progress made or success to be had in 2021. Quite the opposite, those cautious disciplines show you how to make real progress.

Via ‘organic growth’.

Organic growth is gradual, powerful, stable and strong.

Real progress that comes from building a strong base ( like a baobab tree ). A strong foundation which supports natural growth, new projects and bigger opportunities.

One of the golden rules in the plant world is to ‘grow roots, first. Branches, second.” This is how a seed germinates. It focuses on root growth and sustainability, first. The flowers and fruit will come naturally, later. Adopt this practice in 2021 and you will see your life naturally fill up with things you can support.

Organic growth is slow, gradual but powerful. This is progress made with your whole body. As opposed to the progress made using your mind and a whole lot of energy pushing the world via an act of will. Exhausting! These two approaches are the key to thriving in 2021. And failing.

These are general lessons from nature. Let’s take a last look at the flower of 2021 as we close out this article.

Despite living in a dry, rocky, desert environment the Yellow Flowering Rock Bromeliad teaches us how to thrive in hard times. By reflecting on it’s survival characteristics, you can learn about your own true, robust nature.

The truth is that 2021 is a breeze. It poses no issue to your immortal soul. It only poses a problem to the ego and your illusions. You will be fine in 2021. But you may have to leave pieces of your ego – and the life based on it – behind.

Your Homework

Now that we have looked at the signature traits & keywords associated with the flower of the year, let’s translate this into actions you can take in 2021. Here’s what your lifestyle should look like.

True rest does not come with sleep. It comes from resting down into life & tapping into an infinite supply of spiritual energy.

‘True Rest’ – The Resting Exercise for 2021

Here is a passive, meditative exercise for 2021. The key to the practice is to take a relaxed look at personal power.

  • Rest before you get tired. Not after.
  • Don’t wait until you are depleted before taking time out because it will be harder to replenish your energies.
  • ‘True rest’ is a spiritual discipline, like meditation. Rest is the practice of starting everything you do from a position of power.

30 Day Challenge

Here is an active challenge for the spiritual daredevils out there.

Count how many times you subtly say, “I have to do this… so I can’t rest” in 2021.

  • Take the Skyflowers: 30 Day Challenge.
  • Align your self development with the 12 month flower horoscope.
  • Even if you don’t own the Skyflowers: Twenty One box set, you can still meditate on the themes each month.


The Skyflowers Project is dedicated to providing support during the Covid-19 crisis. Here is a list of other resources. if you are in direct need of support, reach out to us at info@skyflowers.co.

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