Spiritual Forecast for May 2017

May is a tricky month spiritually and will take some navigating. In that light, this months spiritual forecast will be split into 3 parts.

  1. Deep in the Shadows – In part 1 of this 3-part video we look at the deep, subconscious stuff stirring in the collective mind in early May and the need to be open and receptive. The mind will try to fill the space, grasp for clues and blame different causes. When the true cause is the mind itself. The aim of this video is to become receptive ( passive ) to the subconscious material and allow it to speak deeper truth. Avoid ‘active’ thought processes and taking any action other than noticing and gathering information at this stage.
  2. The Rising Shadow – Later in the month I will post part 2 which is about how people will project this disturbance onto all kinds of sources, other than the real culprit. Their own disturbing views of reality held in thought and in consciousness. This will ignite a shadow war and escalation as the disturbance continues to rise and make itself know. And the ego casts further blame, distaste and negativity on what essentially is, another side of oneself. Externals will be blamed to avoid responsibility.
  3. The Shadow Owned – Then in part 3, we will look at ‘shadow combat’, the friction caused by the integration process of this shadow side and look at the very real impact demonizing and ignoring this stuff has had on our lives. This process may result in a world event erupting as the collective mind deals with its stuff.

Part 2 of this video will be posted mid May.

Issues This Month

  1. Harboring contradictory views of reality at the same time. Old, outdated and negative views of life.
  2. Core beliefs that are divisive and cause internal conflict, fighting and warfare.
  3. Mental rifts, schisms and chasms caused by the wide difference between view points. Rifts that the mind will try to fill but cannot.
  4. Escalating internal tension as the mind wrestles with itself.
  5. Mass projection of individual shadow content, resulting in a collective, ‘world event’. In short, we are beginning to learn that our individual issues cause eruptions and conflict in the world. We all contribute to the darkness, including the ‘spiritual’ people out there.

What To Do

  1. Notice subconscious patterns as they arise and remain passive while they begin to rise into awareness. Be receptive and notice what your mind tries to blame as the cause.
  2. Allow shadow elements to express the deeper conflict in the mind without you talking over it.
  3. Look at how your beliefs and thinking may be one side of a polar opposite, an extreme. Not balanced or whole.
  4. Acknowledge the disturbance as being your own. Don’t try to pin this stuff on world events or ‘out there’. It’s your own disturbing thinking, so own it.
  5. The mind will frantically try to ‘fill in’ the hole you feel inside with other people, world events, etc. This will rob you of the chance to mend the split you have caused in your own consciousness.

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