$10,000 Allocated to Sponsorship Program for Students

To coincide with National Kinesiology Week ( March 11-17th ), I am launching the Skyflowers: Sponsorship Program and have allocated a $10,000 AUD budget to helping natural therapy students get their careers off the ground.

So far in 2019, I’ve already spent $2,500 of the 2019 budget and will be distributing the remainder throughout 2019 in the form of products, services & training.

What is the Skyflowers: Sponsorship Program?

The Skyflowers Project is more than just “a company that sells flower remedies”. It is a humanitarian project that is made up of 5 parts.

  • Guidelines and standards for the practice, teaching & governance of Clinical Flower Therapy. Based upon the principles of plant medicine & the study of plants.
  • Library of books, videos and archived information.
  • Research into plant families, including common food plants.
  • Products that people can buy. I.e. Box sets, clinical manuals, etc.
  • Support program to help students get their careers off the ground, funding for R&D projects, etc.

The aim is to evolve into The Skyflowers Foundation that comes complete with a trust fund and custodian that will oversee the foundation long after my time on Earth is over. The idea is to create “a living library of research and resources that future generations can build upon”. That is the objective.

Professionalism Starts Here.

While the Skyflowers: Sponsorship Program is a new announcement, the idea itself of providing support to the natural health community is not new. It’s something I’ve been doing for years. The only real difference is that the idea has been formalized and a budget has been set!

Our History of Support

Since I began the study of kinesiology in 1997, I’ve been actively involved in the field in one way or the other. I’ve practiced as a kinesiologist, presented lectures at kinesiology conferences, designed sets of flower remedies for kinesiology & even worked for 15 years in the worlds largest kinesiology bookshop – Michael Wild’s, Equilibrium here in Melbourne.

Since ’97, I’ve spoken to several thousand ( literally ) natural therapy students, kinesiology practitioners and professional instructors and provided support in a variety of forms. Whether it be choosing the right book for students to read, ‘spiritual pep talks’ and career advice or providing a free set of flower remedies for student clinics, I’ve always gotten a lot out of supporting the community.

I guess it’s the basic law of nature. Gardens provide abundance. So, gardeners should share it.

As I mentioned earlier, the idea of launching a support program for students is not a new one. It’s been on my mind for years, but never was implemented simply because there have been a lot of other side projects to work on.

But this year I decided to formalize my ongoing support and kick off the Skyflowers: Sponsorship Program.

The Aim of the Sponsorship Program

The aim of the Skyflowers: Sponsorship Program is to provide tangible support to the kinesiology and natural health community.

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This year I’ve “put my money where my mouth is” and allocated $10,000 AUD to the program and will be sponsoring students with product, training & other services – i.e. mentoring, career advice, product development, etc throughout 2019.

At launch, the scope of the program will focus on providing support to the following categories with other categories added over time as the company grows.

  • Single parents & low-income earners who are financially stretched can apply to get a kickstarter package to help get their career in natural therapies off the ground.
  • Return to Work after long term illness such as cancer.
  • Humanitarian Projects and exceptional work in the community. Such as practicing in a hospital, disaster relief work or working with the homeless.

As mentioned at the start of this post, so far in 2019, I’ve already distributed $2,500 worth of product and career advice and will be distributing more shortly. So stay tuned to our newsletter and social media for those airdrops.

Future Aims

As the Skyflowers Project grows, so too will the support program. In future, the sponsorship program will expand to include other categories to include.

  • Natural Therapy Schools will eventually be able to apply for student toolkits to use in their practice clinics.
  • Research & Development – an overlooked sector of the natural health community – will get some love and support. Believe me, I know how hard it is to get a company off the ground while also conducting a world class research project! It’s tough!

For now, my focus will be on support of low-income earners and helping them get their careers off the ground. I remember starting out and how expensive it can be. In fact, one of the main reasons I created the Skyflowers is because I couldn’t afford to buy a set of flower remedies ( I was that lowly paid ) so I designed my own toolkit ( which then took me 20 years to complete lol )!

Now Supporting Low-Income Earners.

How to Apply

To coincide with National Kinesiology Week, we’ve launched the Skyflowers: Sponsorship Program & have allocated $10,000 AUD in products & services to help natural therapy students get their careers off the ground. Register your interest below.

Low-Income Support Packages

At launch, the program is supporting single parents & low-income earners. If you know someone who can do with support to help jumpstart their career in natural therapies, you can nominate them for sponsorship by emailing us at Sponsorship@Skyflowers.co. Please provide the persons name, contact details and 25 words or less about why they deserve to be sponsored.

Student Clinic Packages

Later this year, natural therapy schools & registered instructors will be able to apply for support packages for practice clinics. Register your interest via the button above.

Learn more about the Skyflowers: Sponsorship Program.

Learn More

Learn more about The Skyflowers Foundation and my “100 year plan” to establish a library for future generations to build upon.

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