Store Closed in June, New Box Set in July

Updated: May 4th, 2019.

We are moving!

As a result, I will be closing the store ( shopping cart ) on May 31st and re-opening again on July 1st. Which means that we will be closing down for the entire month of June while we set up at the new location. These dates have changed from the recent announcement.

If I were just moving the office and setting up the new warehouse, it wouldn’t be a big deal. But as I am also moving the office, moving house and moving my 40 year old collection of plants, then it becomes a logistical adventure!

So it doesn’t surprise me that the flower of Priority was predicted as the flower for April! #florascope

Okay, here’s the plan.

May ( Store Open )

Open for business as per usual until May 31st. The shopping cart will be shut down and no orders will be processed ( even by email ) until July 1st.

In short, if you need to order product, now is the time!

June ( Store Closed )

The Skyflowers store will be closed during the move and no orders will be processed in June. This allows me to focus on setting up the new office and manufacturing facility which has been needed for the past couple of years. With the release of the Skyflowers: Starter Set last November and the Student Sponsorship Program in February, there has been a sudden spike in product orders.

So a new space, or rather, *more* space will be great.

July Stocktake Sale + New Box Set!

When we re-open on July 1st, we are going to open with a bang. I will be having a stocktake sale of some of our top remedies ( including box sets ) in early July to celebrate the next chapter of the company.

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When the shop reopens, there will also be a new addition to the Skyflowers range. A new box set that will be on sale during the stocktake sale!

Note: While I expect to be back open for business on July 1st, as we are dealing with real life, there may be delays. So keep an eye out on the red banner at the top of the website for news updates.

Other New Releases

That’s not all. The forthcoming Emotions for Kinesiology: 2nd Edition has been delayed due to the move and is now scheduled for a August 1st release. While I have made solid progress on the double-sized update, I don’t want to rush it to market. It has to be sharp and as precise as the 1st edition was.

2nd Edition. Twice as Juicy.

The 2nd edition will have 250 more rare emotions, complex thought patterns and specialized terminology and has a special focus on two key areas. The issues associated with money, wealth & finance. And technology issues such as potential issues with AI technology.

You’ll be able to pre-order the new dictionary during the July stocktake at a special price for early birds!


Thanks for reading and being patient while we set up our new manufacturing space! I’m really excited with the expansion as there is a lot coming down the pipeline. Especially as I build out my ‘100 year plan’ and set up for the future.

Stay tuned.

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