• Skyflowers in 2017

    2017 is a special year for me. August 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of The Skyflowers Project. Quite frankly I can’t believe it’s been that long since I started making flower remedies in my garden in 1997.

    The theme of this year is ‘Intelligence’ and so I only thought it fitting to dedicate this year to ‘higher standards’ of thinking and flower therapy.

    Looking at what is planned in 2017, these projects are in the pipeline.
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  • 3 Ways to Test Your Self Development


    In my mind, there is a big difference between ‘self help’ and real self development. The reason I make the distinction is because self help has lost its focus. It has become ‘an endless treadmill of inner work’ or ‘a feel good thing’ for many people. Often self help is mixed with ‘new age’ spiritual concepts which only confuses the objective even more.

    Is it about dealing with emotional issues? Is it about being healthy? Is it about being spiritual, whatever that is? Real self development is very clear in its goal. It is about ‘developing yourself’ and maturing as a human being. Self help is not so clear in its goal.

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  • Skyflowers Emotions. Designed for Real Self Development.


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    The Human Mind. Clearly Defined.

    After a string of delays, Skyflowers Emotions has finally been released. The dictionary was originally set for release in May 2016. Then June. Then July. Then August. Then September. I chose to delay the release rather than publish something that I wasn’t fully happy with. So here we are nearly 6 months after the original deadline. And it’s done!

    Call me a perfectionist but if you are writing a dictionary of emotions then it needs to be spot on. Every one of them needs to be clear. Especially when this was the main reason for writing the manual in the first place.

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  • Skyflowers.Tv! #Kickstarter

    PatreonWhile I have dabbled in video production over the years and played around with many graphics programs, I am thinking of publishing videos as part of the service I offer.

    Skyflowers eTv! will comprise of ‘several different shows’, some funny and some educational that are hosted on YouTube. If you need a concept, the collection of different shows can be described as ‘serious education meets Wayne’s World’. The channel can be directly accessed via Www.Skyflowers.TV.

    The main drive to create videos is that it is the perfect medium to document the variety of teachings, research, etc. Video also allows you to create an archive of footage that can be drawn upon well into the future. As much as I love teaching workshops and classes, those events have come and gone and the material is lost to history. Continue Reading

  • Sponsor The Skyflowers Project on Patreon!


    The Skyflowers Project turned 19 in August this year. In order to take the project to the next level ( which it has to do, for practical reasons ), I have set up a sponsorship page over at Patreon.com.

    For those who are not familiar with Kickstarter or other crowd-funding campaigns, Patreon is designed to attract sponsors to your project. A lot of authors, YouTubers, artists, etc use Patreon to obtain financial support for their work. In my case, after 19 years of working a ( great ) part-time job to support the ongoing work, just isn’t enough in terms of time and money. So I have decided to ‘directly approach the natural health community’ to support my work in delivering the next generation of plant medicine.

    Yes, this is an attempt to ramp up productivity. As well as obtain interest and support for the botanical research, which I have to admit, has been ‘downright hard’ ( read: impossible ) to find over the years despite it being universal and ground-breaking. Continue Reading