Twenty One

2020 has been a big year with many challenges.

As the energy of the crisis “has not been fully expressed” and events are still unfolding in the collective unconscious, we created the Skyflowers: 2021 Catalogue with those issues in mind.

Two of the main products in the 2021 catalogue are a new box set called Skyflowers: Twenty One and the ‘custom-made rescue blend’ we release every year to “deal with issues in the collective consciousness” – the 2021 25ml blend.

Twenty One

Skyflowers: Twenty One contains the flower of the year for 2021 and all 12 of the flowers in the monthly florascope. The remaining 12 flowers play a support roles for those monthly issues, making these the most relevant flower remedies to use in 2021.

Skyflowers: Twenty One expands on the idea of the 2021 25ml blend and gives you the flexibility to make your own blends to suit your ( or a friends ) unique experience. The set is designed to synchronise your life goals & inner work so that you work in harmony with society & the collective consciousness.

What You Get ( $250 $AUD )

  • Skyflowers: Twenty One box set of 25 stock 15ml flower remedies.
  • Skyflowers: Twenty One quick reference charts.
  • Skyflowers: 10th Edition.
  • Skyflowers Desktop App for Mac or Windows.
  • 2021 25ml blend.

Set Includes

  • The “flower-of-the-year” for 2021, the Yellow Flowering Rock Bromeliad.
  • All 12 flowers in the 2021 FloraScope. A flower for each month in the flower horoscope that can be used as the basis for a monthly flower blend.
  • 2 new release 15ml remedies. Both are perfect for 2021.

Pre-Order Bonus ( before December 1st, 2020 )

  • Skyflowers: Twenty One is due for release in early December and will ship before Christmas. So please expect delays when ordering.
  • Pre-Order before December 31st, 2020 and you will get 1 x Social Crisis 25ml & 1 x Social Crisis II 25ml. Absolutely free.
  • The set retails for $250 $AUD and the bonus remedies brings the total to $290 of value.

Technical Talk

  • Skyflowers: Twenty One contains the flower of the year for 2021, the Yellow Flowering Rock Bromeliad. This flower matches the overall pattern and theme for the year which is ‘spiritual exhaustion, depletion of ( old world ) energy and a lingering sense of tiredness’. This indicates that collectively we ‘want to rest but can’t and need to carry on’. The flower also indicates that we are about to move into a new energy ( and world ) in the coming years. But we are not there yet.
  • When comparing with the other box sets in the range, Skyflowers: Twenty One contains about 1/3 of the flowers that appear in the Skyflowers: Emotional First Aid set and 1/3 of the flowers from the Skyflowers: Higher Ground box set. This is to be expected given the effect the virus has had on society.
  • The emphasis on emergency & grounding flowers indicates what kind of year 2021 will be. I.e. The energy behind the crisis has not been fully expressed yet & the impacts have not been fully revealed ( especially financially ), so plan your year accordingly.
  • You can either use the remedies when needed or take the ’30 Day Challenge’. E.g. On the first day of each month, create a combination remedy using (a) the flower of the month + (b) the Yellow Flowering Rock Bromeliad ( flower of the year for 2021 ) + (c) support flowers and work through the issues that they raise. Take this blend for 5-7 days and then rest and allow your subtle body to settle for the remainder of the month.
  • You can use the pre-mixed 2021 25ml blend as a ‘rescue-blend’ throughout the year. Perfect when collective issues cause you to feel low but don’t know why.
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New Releases

  • The 2021 25ml blend is available for sale now.
  • The 2021 FloraScope & 2021 catalogue will be published in November.
  • Skyflowers: Twenty One can be pre-ordered now & will ship in early December. So you can get your hands on it before the new year begins.
  • Another box set called Skyflowers: Self Development is available for pre-order also & will ship in March 2021. This toolkit contains “the 25 most important life skills you need to possess” and is designed for personal use or general clinical practice. More details will be released in the new year.
  • A limited number of the current 2020 25ml blend are still available at 50% off.

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