Two Websites. One High Standard.

The Campaign

The picture above, says it all. It sums up my campaign to bring a high(er) standard to flower therapy. In terms of education standards. In terms of research. In terms of how flower therapy is practiced.

When I first started the Skyflowers Project in 1997, I only wanted to create a custom-made toolkit for myself to use in my clinic. Made from plants that I knew well and loved. That was the original intention.

Then in 2003, I made an amazing discovery which turned the project into something more than ‘selling few flower remedies’. This discovery made me realize that I was giving birth to the next generation of plant medicine. And creating a whole new way of practicing plant medicine. This was an impactful event on my life because I could see the wide ramifications of bringing it to the world. and how it affected everything related to plant medicine. This was big and a challenge to deal with.

Then in 2015, I gave birth to another project. It was a website that focused on flower therapy itself, not flower remedies. Clinical Flower Therapy was born to bring a higher standard to the practice of flower therapy. And a higher standard of education by bringing plant studies & the art of botanical diagnosis back into flower therapy. Traditional methods sadly lacking from modern flower therapy.

This is the reason for the ad above. To raise standards in flower therapy. And raise awareness that I have two websites and not just this one.

Get Behind The Campaign

  1. Share this page on social media.
  2. Check out the Botanical Research / Flower Selector to see ‘the next generation of plant medicine’.
  3. Visit Clinical Flower Therapy and read the industry guidelines for a higher standard of education and practice of flower therapy.

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