Despite it being the holiday season, I have been working on new products that will be released in Q1 of 2018. Albeit I have been working on them at a very relaxed pace.

New Box Set, “Infinite Mind”

The biggest product release is the second ( of 3 ) professional box sets and is due for release in February of 2018. Called Skyflowers: Infinite Mind, this set of 25 flower remedies deals with thought patterns, mental confusion and other issues of the mind. This set follows the release of Skyflowers: Higher Ground back in August of 2017, which incidentally is on sale until Jan 1st.

The flowers used in Infinite Mind differ from the usual ‘flowers for emotional issues’ as they clean up entire lines of thinking and remove multiple emotions from your thought patterns or ‘story’. They basically help you to focus that mind of yours on what you want, rather than what you don’t want and clean up any confusion about life that you have.

If you are interested in learning more about the box set, then head over to the product page. It’s currently being sold at a discount if you pre-order before January 31st and you will also get some extra bonuses for being an early adopter.

Skyflowers ~ 8th Edition

The official compendium goes through an update again this year and will have a range of graphical updates as well as definitions of 9 new flower remedies. Many of which will be included in the Infinite Mind box set.

Each year this manual gets an update and the theme of this years upgrade is bringing more of the botanical archetypes and diagnostic system into the manual. There will be tighter integration between the box sets, the manual and the chart sets and the aim is to make the system even easier and informative to use in a clinical environment.

The 8th edition releases alongside of the Infinite Mind box set in February.

Box Set Companion Charts

To accompany the Infinite Mind, Higher Ground and 3rd box set that is due for release later in 2018, I have designed a special A4, laminated chart set that lists the 25 flowers found in each box set. Designed for quick reference, the charts will be sold as a set of 6 charts in Q1 sometime in 2018.

The charts were on the drawing board for a long time and I didn’t release them only because the final selection of remedies for each box set had not been finalized yet. The picture above is the front of the Infinite Mind chart and each set of charts is designed to be cross referenced with the Botanical Chart set or the flower picker on this website.

‘Choose Your Toolkit’ Webpage

A new webpage has been set up to help you choose the right box set for your style of work. The page is a work in progress and will eventually feature the 3 professional sets of 25 remedies as well as the specialized sets of 10 remedies that will be released in 2018-19.

I plan to build up the page with video, how to guides and a range of tips to help you choose the exact set of remedies that suits your clinical work. Again, this is part of the ‘tighter integration’ I mentioned before when updating the Skyflowers ~ 8th Edition and the forthcoming box sets.

The aim is to refine and simplify the botanical diagnostic system¬†even further so that the latest research is blended seamlessly with the stuff you are already used to working with. You can check out the ‘choose your toolkit‘ page in the navigation bar above. If you click the dropdown menu you will see the first sub-pages that you may want to visit afterwards.

2018 Forecast

The 2018 florascope has been posted for awhile now but it worth mentioning. The 12 month calendar predicts shifts in the collective mind which has an effect on you as an individual. So you can get a better understanding of your spiritual homework for the month as well as the opportunities that arise.

Check out the calendar and stay tuned to the blog for updates as the year progresses.

2018 Blend

To accompany the forecast, there is a special 2018 25ml blend that I have released. It is a ‘rescue-type’ blend that I design each years and basically caters to ‘issues from an unknown source’ or ‘collective stuff’.

Take a look at that and see if the recipe grabs you.


In 2018, Skyflowers.Tv on YouTube will offer regular programming of livestreams, webinars and free classes you can attend. The schedule has not been set yet but stay tuned for more details.

The channel will work alongside the workshop program, of which, the first workshop will kick off in February.


That’s all the news for now. Details will be posted for each of these new releases closer to launch. Bye for now.

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