Skyflowers: Pro Set | “Kinesiology Kit”


2023 Edition. 2024 Edition coming soon.



Coming Soon: 2024 Edition. 50 x 15ml. Wooden Box. Pre-order details to be announced.

Skyflowers: Pro Set

25 Remedies for Finding the Core Issue. 

Welcome to the pro leagues!

Designed for use the start of a clinical consultation, the Skyflowers – Pro Set pinpoints the core issue & provides detailed knowledge of the underlying problem. You will soon know whether a negative affirmation, delusional belief system or suppressed emotion is active in consciousness as well as the exact location the problems is located in the subtle body – the mental, emotional or physical body ( karma ).

Kinesiologists will find the Skyflowers – Pro Set set invaluable as one muscle test provides a lot of information & gets to the heart of the matter. Right at the start of the consultation!

The Skyflowers – Pro Set contains all 25 flower types used in the Skyflowers: Pro System. Making this a compact, yet comprehensive, diagnostic toolkit for your clinic. The Skyflowers – Pro Set is a solid choice if you want just one set of flower remedies. Later, if you decide to expand your toolkit, you can add one of our other thematic box sets that matches your clinical style. For more information about the 25 core issues & the botanical research behind our remedies, see the Skyflowers: Pro System.

What You Get 

  • Skyflowers: Pro Set ~ 25 x 15ml flower remedies. ( $250 Value )
  • Skyflowers: 11th Edition ~ the offical guide. ( $30 Value )
  • 2024 25ml ~ Pre-mixed, rescue-blend for the issues & challenges of 2023. ( $20 Value )

Optional Upgrades 

  • Skyflowers: Pro Charts ~ A4, quick reference of the 25 remedies. ( $15 Value )
  • Skyflowers: Botanical Diagnosis | Pro Charts ( $30 Value ) ~ for Professional Flower Therapy.

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What’s Inside

25 Remedies for Finding the Real Issue.

Mental Body

  • King of Bromeliads for quick thinking & decisiveness. ( Vriesea )
  • Queen of the Heavens for visualisation & Practice of ideas.. ( Alcantarea ) New!
  • Spanish Moss for trust in relationships. ( Tillandsia )

Emotional Body

  • Affirmation-of-Life for affirmation work & life-affirming statements. ( Billbergia )
  • Blushing Heart for being honest with yourself. ( Neoregelia )
  • Chakra Flower for chakra work & alignment of the subtle body. ( Canistrum )
  • Peace for problem solving & conflict resolution. ( Quesnelia )
  • Precious Pearls for acclimation & comfort zones. ( Portea ) New! 
  • Pineapple for relaxation & stress reduction. ( Ananus )
  • Pinecone Bromeliad for logical thinking & systematic processes. ( Acanthosatchys )
  • Pink Star for release of past trauma. ( Cryptanthus )
  • Queen of Bromeliads for composure during chaotic times. ( Aechmea )

Physical (Karmic) Body

  • Ancestral Grass Bromeliad for starting everything from an advantageous position. ( Pitcairnea )
  • Ancestral Tears for entrenched mindsets & ingrained habits. ( Neoglaziova ) New!
  • Carnivorous Bromeliad for detecing fraud, manipulation and trickery. ( Brochinnia )
  • Carnivorous Bromeliad II for subversion & indoctrination. ( Brochinnia ) New!
  • Carpet Bromeliad for taking back control and dealing with toxicity. ( Abromitiella )
  • Chilean Blood Grass for karmic issues & free will. ( Fascicularia )
  • False Agave for becoming aware of forgotten issues. ( Hechtia )
  • Heart of Flame for aggression & provocation. ( Bromelia )
  • Rebirth for renewal & updating old patterns. ( Dyckia )
  • Pink Sacred Heart for soul searching & yearnings. ( Ochagavia )
  • Sapphire Tower for subtle disturbances like EMF, food additives, etc. ( Puya )
  • Star of Venezuela for sanity and healthy thinking. ( Navia )
  • Tears of the Sun for grasping big issues. ( Encholerium )

Note: This list is subject to change. Some remedies appear in other sets.


Pro Tips

The Skyflowers: Pro Set is designed to be used at the start of a kinesiology balance or clinical consultation to get more information about an issue. The set contains one of each of the 21 flower groups in the Skyflowers range plus 4 ‘indicator’ flowers that point to specific issues. The set is a sampling of the entire range and helps to pinpoint the cause of an issue.

  1. Perform pre-checks.
  2. “Test up” one of the 25 flowers in the Skyflowers: Pro Set to locate the exact issue.
  3. Cross-reference the flower with (1) the plant group it belongs to. This will tell you (2) the cause of the problem and as well as where it is located – in your mental body, emotional body or physical reality ( karma ).
  4. Explore the issue and flesh out the details so that it rises into awareness.
  5. Check for other corrections relating to this issue.

If you find that a particular flower remedy continually “tests up”, you may wish to expand your toolkit with more flowers from that flower group.

For more information about each flower groups & the 21 core issues, see

Additional information

Weight 2500 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 mm

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