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Experience Our Drops. Pay-for-Postage Only.

Try the Skyflowers & experience for yourself why our flower remedies are chosen by natural health professionals.

What’s inside? The Pineapple Combo-Cocktail 15ml contains 3 of our most popular flower remedies so you can experience the Skyflowers for yourself. This simple blend will “move you” profoundly.

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  1. Pineapple +Relaxed, Light-Hearted. – Seriousness, Stressed.
  2. Spanish Moss + Connected. – Disconnected, Isolated.
  3. Pink Sacred Heart + Soul Contact. – Ego-centric, Estranged.


  • Spanish Moss is a flower remedy for the mental body. It’s potent and has one of the most “magical effects” of all of our remedies. You have to experience it for yourself, not be told about it. Even ‘non-sensitives’ comment on it.
  • Pineapple is a flower remedy for the emotional body. This edible fruit rose into social consciousness for a reason. As a remedy, it cuts through layers of stress like a hot knife through butter.
  • Pink Sacred Heart is a grounding flower remedy for the physical body. One of the ancestral grass bromeliads, this flower is the ‘go to’ remedy for understanding you always have soul contact. Helps you look at your life through the eyes of the soul – literally.

Lesson of the Higher Self

  • Human beings are out-of-touch with our Divine origins and out-of-practice with leading a soulful life. That’s the ‘issue’.
  • Your #1 issue is… your self image. It’s faulty and leads to problems in life because the ego can never describe the totality of the soul.
  • You really have two choices in life. (Option 1) You can spend your whole life searching for your true / higher self. Or ( Option 2) you can get on with expressing it. Pick one. You can’t do both as they are two very different paths in life – they are ego vs soul perspectives.

 No medical claims made.

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