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Neoregelia macwilliamsii ~ Issues of Perception & Belief.

  1. If life is great, accept it. If not, then face your reality until your world turns differently.
  2. A better life is built on top of now, not fantasy. Only by working with your reality can real change happen.
  3. Denial or avoidance puts your issues ‘on pause’. Causing them to become a constant influence on your life.

Positive – Acceptance, Own Up.

  • Facing up to your current circumstances.
  • Accepting the results of your previous decisions, choices and behaviours.
  • Acceptance of what is, without seeking to change it with your mind.
  • Working with your reality. Building on your current reality and working your way through any difficulties you face.
  • Facing up to the truth of how you have behaved in the past. I.e. Eating the fruit of your previous actions, living out your karma & the consequences of your actions.

Negative – Avoidance, Denial. 

  • Denying your reality.
  • Avoiding responsibility for the problems in your life. Side stepping the issues that need dealing with.
  • Trying to change the present moment as it unfolds.
  • Moving against the course of events.
  • Seeking to avoid a reality you continue to set in motion.

Cause of the Problem – Delusion ( Misperception of Reality ).

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