Ancestral Grass Bromeliad | 15ml Remedy

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Ancestral Grass Bromeliad

Pitcairnea smithiorum

Lessons – “The 1st Posture”

  • The most basic affirmation is “I am alive”. This thinking is flawed as it separates ‘self’ from ‘life’ & it is this flawed view that causes a range of problems. While you think that you ‘have’ a ‘life’, in actual fact ‘you are the spirit of life’. There is no division between the two. Life and self are one. As life is ‘life giving’, this means that you are always in an advantageous, fortunate and abundant position. Before you think, plan or do anything. This is ‘the 1st lesson of life’. ( See: Doctrine of Signatures )
  • Your soul is the most evolved part of you. Leave it alone. Your ego is what needs to update & change it’s view of who you are.
  • The purpose of life is simply to ‘have an experience’ and from those experiences, learn, take action and guide your life. All other purposes & spiritual missions are speculative or can be traced to flawed thinking.

Positive – Advantage, Favourable.

  • Advantageous.
  • Doing well. In a good position. Well placed to take advantage of the situation and create more opportunities for yourself.
  • Lucky. Fortunate. In the right place at the right time.
  • Off to a good start.
  • Grounded in the spirit of life.

Negative – Unfavourable, Disadvantaged.

  • Disadvantaged. Always running behind & unable to catch up.
  • Imposed upon by a set of old beliefs, mental attitudes and views of life. Mental chatter that gets in the way of life.
  • Caught off guard. Plans that are thrown into disarray by unforeseen circumstances.
  • Using your mind to overcome the very road blocks that your mind has previously set up.
  • Facing unfavourable circumstances because the present situation has very old roots. Imposed upon by the consequences of very old, or even ancient, thinking.
  • Grounded in the ego. And the limited perception that it has.

Pro System

  • Cause of the Problem – Affirmation ( of the Ego ). The Botanical Archetype Cryptanthus relieves issues caused by a projection of your own consciousness.
  • The Billbergia are for “affirmation of the soul” and identifying with your true self. ( Not your self image or the ego-version of you. )
  • See: Skyflowers: Pro System for more information about the 21 plant groups.
  • Cause of Issue – Imposition ( Out-of-Position ).
  • The Botanical Archetype for the Pitcairnea flower group is still under research. They work on issues caused by ‘being put out of your natural, spiritual centre’ by the content of your own mind.

Pro Tip

The Ancestral Grass Bromeliad helps to create a more pro-active, positive mindset to life. It helps you to ‘start on the right foot’ and get off to a good start.

Doctrine of Signatures ( Lessons of Life )

The Pitcairnea’s are a grass-like group of plants that are considered to be the most ancient form of bromeliad. They resemble the ancient grasses that they evolved from & have little changed their appearance from the grass tribe they spawned from.

This ancient ancestry is a key signature. Plants that have stopped evolving millions of years ago are special. Rather than being viewed as ‘outdated’ or primitive, ancient plants represent the oldest part of you – your soul. In the plant world, plants only adapt & evolve when they are out-of-sync with their environment & have to change in order to survive. Once they have adapted to suit their environment, they merely ‘live their lives’ in their environment. Plants, like the Ancestral Grass Bromeliad adapted millions of years ago to life & stopped evolving because they were in tune with their environment and in harmony with life.

No longer needing to evolve, they could ‘be themselves’ and live out their lives in peace.

Such attitudes contrast wildly with modern spiritual thought that emphasises ‘change, growth, learning & evolution’. In the case of the Ancestral Grass Bromeliad, nature has a different perspective to human beings ( and the ego ) on the subject of spiritual development, maturity & growth. The Ancestral Bromeliad points to the possibility that it is the ego that needs to evolve ( in perspective of life, self ) and the soul ( true, higher self ) is already evolved. other flower groups like the Billbergia’s, the affirmation flowers testify to this ‘already evolved’ perspective and highlight that we actually create a ‘lower self’ via affirmations, self talk. All because the ego cannot perceive totality or the soul. Something the surface mind is not designed nor supposed to do.

The Ancestral grass Bromeliad could be considered to be the ‘1st Skyflower’ that helps you get your bearings in this world. Putting in you a position of soulful advantage as opposed to ego-ic disadvantage.

While you think that you ‘have a life’, in actual fact ‘you are the spirit of life’. There is no division between the two. Life and self are one. As life is ‘life giving’, this means that you are always in an advantageous, fortune and abundant position. Before you do or think anything. This is ‘the 1st lesson of life’.


  • The Flower of Self Discipline is an affirmation flower.
  • When the flower of Self Discipline is indicated you need to take a close look at your routines, practices and self development program. They may “ego rules” and not “life rules”. ( See: homework ) The flower is raising awareness of a simple fact. “Life has rules” you need to follow.

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