Pinecone Bromeliad | 15ml, for Progress

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15ml Stock Remedy.



Pinecone Bromeliad

Acanthostachys strobilacea

15ml Stock Flower Remedy for the Emotional Body.


The Pinecone Bromeliad is an unusual plant that grows on cliff faces. The leaves are rounded and whip-like, forming an anchor at the end that points in two directions. In the middle of the leaf-anchor, it forms a small crown that is bright orange, with bright yellow flowers.


Spiritual Life ( of the Higher Self )

  • Your mental body streams a higher intelligence, from a higher source, into the world. Your emotional body then acts on those mental commands. Act on this higher intelligence as soon it comes to mind.
  • The human mind is a tool. It is brilliant in creating step-by-step plans to reach your goal. Train yourself by exercising this ability.
  • Focus on your goals. Get into the habit of systematically breaking them down into easy action steps. Organize them into logical steps and get started on doing them.


Positive – Logical, Systematic.

  • Logical, step-by-step approach.
  • Making progress. Following the shortest, most logical path to reach your goal.
  • Practical approach to tasks. Breaking down goals into easy, achievable steps.
  • Methodical and systematic. Creating a system to complete a task and then repeating it every time you do it.
  • Systems and processes that help you to stay organized. Automating or outsourcing basic tasks so that you can tend to other, more important things.


Negative – Frustrated, Annoyed.

  • Frustrated by a lack of progress. Trying hard but annoyed that you cannot make any progress toward your goal.
  • Aggravated by a lack of progress. Trying to force the desired outcome to happen.
  • Angered that you aren’t making progress despite your efforts. Exploding angrily because things are not working.
  • Demoralized by a lack of progress. Trying everything and eventually giving up because you think it is futile.
  • Disorganized, messy & untidy. Losing things you frequently need.


Practitioner Notes ( Core Issue )

Here is a detailed guide to the Pinecone Bromeliad, the significance of its botanical classifications and a ‘3d model’ of the stress pattern that it corrects.

  • Plant Family ( Theme ) – Each plant family ( rose, cactus, bromeliad ) has its own philosophy. The spiritual theme of plants belonging to the Pineapple or Bromeliad family is ‘stress about life’. I.e. Stressful lifestyles ( based on the ego, temporary world ) which conflict with the natural, life-process of the soul, immortal spirit. All remedies made from bromeliads focus on this core theme.
  • Sub-Family 2 ( of 3 Locations, Emotion Body ) – The second sub-family of bromeliads are collectively referred to as ‘forest bromeliads’. Forest bromeliads are mid-vibration remedies & bring the minds eye to the emotional body. The emotional body is the location of this imbalance & is where therapy efforts should be focused. Forest bromeliads process unspent energy in the emotional body. I.e. Inaction, Unexpressed Creativity, Suppressed Emotion, etc.
  • Genus ( Stress Pattern ) – Botanically, the Pinecone Bromeliad belongs t genus Acanthostachys. Acanthostachys are a sub-group of forest bromeliads that we call ‘The Progress Flowers’. The stress pattern the Progress Flowers defuse is frustration in the emotional body. Frustration is caused by ‘following the wrong steps to reach a goal’. Doing this causes anger to build up and a range of other emotional body issues.
  • Species ( Acan. strobilacea, Symptom ) – The Pinecone Bromeliad has all of the above properties. This flower deals with the manifest issue of ‘frustration, futility & annoyance’, caused by a lack of progress by the emotional ( action ) body.
  • Summary – The Pinecone Bromeliad ( Acanthostachys, in general ) creates a logic, step-by step process for the emotional body to carry out. Helping you to carry out the mental commands streamed from a higher intelligence into the world, through the mental body.

This is a professional technique known as ‘botanical diagnosis’. It provides a deep understanding of the issue and raises awareness, before drops are even applied.

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Pro Tip

Frustration is caused by following the wrong path. Take a break, think about the goal you want to reach and change your approach. You will then make progress.


Homework | Your “30 Day Challenge”

  • Take the 30 day challenge ( with or without this remedy ) & meditate on the theme of “progress” for the month.
  • Take the remedy for 5-7 days and continue your daily meditation. Once the course of drops is complete, allow your mind/body system to rest ( days 8-30 ) & settle into this pattern.
  • The Pinecone Bromeliad is about logical, step-by-step progress, so continue to meditate daily ( for the rest of the month ) on this ability of the soul to make lasting progress spiritually, not just temporally. Begin a new meditation, next month.


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