Chakra Flower

Canistrum triangulare – Issues of Misalignment ( of the Sutble Body ).


  1. The mind ( spirit ) is housed in the body ( temple ). This is key to your development.
  2. When the mind moves away from the body, the natural impulse is to return to center.
  3. Accidents, injuries and illness occurs when the mind has moved far from center and is forced to return to reality.


  • Centered.
  • Oriented within your body / physical experience.
  • Aligning the mental body after activity or adventures away.
  • Returning to center as a habit.
  • Re-aligning of the subtle body after shock*, lasting trauma or injury.

Negative –*Shock, Trauma.( Best when combined with *Queens Tears )

  • Shock, traumatic experience.
  • Disoriented.
  • Feeling ill or off center.
  • Feeling like you are not quite in your body. Unable to center yourself due to a break in the subtle body.
  • Accidents, impact or trauma injury caused by a sudden return to reality.

Pro System – Disorientation, Dislocation.

  • The Canistrum relieve issues caused by a misalignment of the subtle body that often results in shock, injury or illness.
  • SeeSkyflowers: Pro System for more information.

Practitioner Notes

  • The botanical name ‘Canistrum’ is derived from the Greek word ‘Canos’, meaning ‘basket’ or ‘collection’. This relates to the design of the flower bract.
  • The Canistrums relate to the chakra system. However, the model of the chakra system provided by mother nature differs from the common, ‘new age’ & westernised version. It is best to set aside any assumptions of the ‘7 chakras’ and re-examine the phenomena from scratch in order to best understand the concept.
  • While it is commonly believed there are ‘7 chakras’ and they ‘collect spiritual energy’, this is not a useful explanation. In science, ‘energy is information’. So, a better understanding of the chakra system is ‘the collection, processing & interpretation of information’. Not energy.
  • The chakras system is an early medical specialization. A viewpoint. Just as we have medical specialties today, the chakra system focuses on ‘the processing of information in the mind/body system’. Any information, at every level. Not just spiritual information.
  • The chakra system is an ancient model of the human body and was a way of describing a ‘bio-computer’ in an age before computers existed. The strange looking, ‘esoteric’ symbols for the chakras used in the early drawings aren’t really ‘spiritual’ glyphs. They are pictorials of things that were hard to communicate at the time.
  • The term ‘chakra’ relates to the overall concept of ‘information processing’, not just any individual cone. The placement of the chakras on the body is more for communication of the overall concept than anatomical correctness.  Each chakra merely depicts a different ‘level of reality’ or density – from the finer, higher vibrations of thought to the denser, (s)lower vibration of your feet on the ground. The chakras, combined, are a synthesis of physical and non-physical information.
  • Each chakra depicts the processing of information on a specific ‘level of reality’. The point is to understand the ‘sandwich’ effect. Not what the role of the crown chakra is compared to the heart chakra, etc.
  • The chakra system has two basic functions. (1) Processing information at each level of our being and (2) synchronising all of the information collected about your current experience. So everything remains unified, coherent and consistent.
  • In short, the chakra system is about how information is processed so that it can be acted upon. On the negative side, the chakra system explains a wide range of health issues caused by “the poor processing of information” due to a misaligned subtle body. The chakra system explains mental illnesses ( due to a distortion of information ) and even physical accidents & injuries ( caused by a misaligned subtle body “suddenly returning to reality.” )

In summary, the chakras system is more like ‘computer science’ than anything. Understanding the basic parts of a computer is the best way of understanding how information is processed in your mind/body system. When you remember that science is based on the study of natural law, you will see the same principles of cellular biology, for example, reflected in the design of modern computers.


  1. Rather than treating 7 different chakras individually, all of them link up. So treat the chakra system as ‘one chakra’. One unified system.
  2. The chakra flowers relate to the ways information can be corrupted in the chakra or ‘bio-computer’ system.
  3. If you prefer to work with the chakras individually, test each chakra with each of the chakra flowers to test their integrity. Rule out the different imbalances before moving to the next chakra while being mindful that these are potent remedies.

Doctrine of Signatures

  • The flower bract closely resembles the sanscrit drawings of the chakras.
  • The leaves form a tight sheathe at the base and layers of dead matter form a ‘layered’ body of leaves, depicting the layers of the energy body. And layers of reality.
  • The root system is brittle and shallow, indicating that the tendency to be ungrounded & easily upset.

Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 90 mm