Angels Trumpet 2 | Flower of the Year for 2024

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15ml Stock Remedy.

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Angels Trumpet 2

Guzmania conifera

Positive – Willing, Obedient.

  • Spiritual calling – stage 2 of 3.
  • Responding to a call to return to the spiritual world. Turn away from the temporary world and your attachment to it.
  • Willing to follow spirit. Willing to correct your behaviour through self reflection, purification and prayer so that you live in alignment with Divine law / will.
  • Returning to the path of truth, honour and goodness after going astray. Working hard to discard illusions, purifying yourself and rejecting evil.
  • Surrendering the lower will to the Higher one. Obedience to the Divine will, plan & law.

Negative – Wilful, Disobedient.

  • Alarm bells. ‘The Warning’ – stage 2 of 3.
  • Astray. Choosing to walk the path of ego, feeding your desires and chasing after temporary pleasures.
  • Disobedient. Doubling down on sinful ( flawed ) ways and worldly pursuits that are not soulful for momentary gain.
  • On a path to self destruction. Mistaking “free will” for “freedom from consequence”.
  • Rejecting the concept of a Divine plan or spiritual laws that governs you and your life. Obedient only to your own will and way of doing things.

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Guzmania, Emotional Body