Rebirth | Stage 1 of 5


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Rebirth | Stage 1 of 4

Dyckia fosteriana ~ Issues of Personal Growth & Evolution.

  1. New beginnings. A life of constant new beginnings.
  2. Starting fresh. Basing your life upon the ‘new’ moment.
  3. ‘Breathing out’ the old, automatically and ‘breathing in’ new life, naturally – without a mental process attached to it.

Positive – Instigate, Start.

  • Rebirth – Stage 1 ( of 4 )
  • Starting a fresh chapter. Starting with the premise that you are free.
  • Getting off to the right start. Starting a creative process at the logical starting point. Do what you need to do to set you up for the future.
  • Stepping out of the shadows cast by your own mind and into the present moment.
  • Allowing life to move you forward. Natural progress.

Negative – False Start, Breakdown.

  • Getting off to the wrong start.
  • “Treadmill of self help” – A firm belief in self development… but refusing to believe it’s possible to come to final, fruitful conclusion. A “job done” moment. Massive amounts of inner work but you always “have more work to do”. Unable to start the new life you’ve worked hard to achieve. Never growing out of ‘self help’, which defeats the purpose.
  • Failing to move on when the time comes. Refusing to believe that you can.
  • Starting a new round of inner conflict because you refuse to let go of the “flawed self” paradigm & see yourself in a new light.
  • “Dark night of the soul” – An implosion of the ego. Internal friction caused by the failure to update your thinking to a new model or view of life. Healing or inner work that ‘jack hammers’ at your issues and causes a wave of disturbance in your soul. Causing a healing or life crisis or catharsis because you are far from centre in your thinking.

Practitioner Notes

  • The flower of Rebirth is a prompt to “get a move on”. To start. It indicates “no actual problem, past or present”. The only issue is the one you will cause by failing to take direct, affirmative action.The flower signals an end to inner work and the start of creative, physical action. Be careful not to miss this step. I.e. There is no “past” or “issue” to solve here.
  • The flower of Rebirth is mistakenly thought to be a signal to “do inner work”. The opposite is true! It signals an end to the inner work / preparation phase… and a start of the physical, action phase. Again, “no issue” is present so don’t go looking for one because that’s the old cycle / thought process.
  • The 4th ( and final ) flower in the series, Rebirth IV is often chosen instead of this one. In the shopping cart, it outsells the other 3 by a ration of 20-1. The person has usually decided that they ‘just want to move on’ and are ready to. But are they? This is a mistake and often indicates a desire to skip the process of change. All 4 Dyckia’s represent equally important lessons to learn. It pays you to familiarize yourself with all 4 stages and become fluent in each, so the cycle of life can turn without friction. That way you will understand the *evolution of the ego & learn a very different model of personal growth & development. ( See *below )

Cause of the Problem – Evolution ( of the Ego )

  • The Dyckia relieve issues caused by transformation & deep shifts in consciousness that radically change your outlook on life.
  • SeeSkyflowers: Pro System for more information.

Lesson of this Plant Group

  • It is not the soul that transforms. It is the ego, the perception of self that does and eventually unfolds into a full realization of self. The mind opens like a flower bud, peeling away layers of confusion about the true nature of the self. Life is about awakening to ones totality, not changing who you are. The ultimate lesson is that the natural process of life does this, automatically. By design. The concept of a natural evolution contrasts with the ‘self help’ mentality that is driven by a faulty self / ego image.

The Doctrine of Signatures

  • The Dyckias are rather potent remedies to work with and a great deal of care ( and skill ) should be applied when using them as their work is with ‘crisis states’ – such as catharsis, mid life crisis, deep disturbance, etc. They are for providing support during ‘heavy’ transitions.
  • Typically they are small, hemispherical plants that are prickly to touch. Their stiff leaves form a dense protection for the plant which is one of the signature clues that these plants are highly protective during deep, inner work. This level of safety & protection may be shocking and cathartic, hence their reputation as ‘rebirthing flowers’.
  • The flower spikes are excessively long and this hints at distant, detached emotions that have been projected outward from the central self. This detachment is an indicator or long forgotten or ignored issues. Interestingly, ants pollinate the flowers and form colonies at the base of these rock dwelling plants, whereby they gain protection from predators and the elements.
  • In the wild, the Dyckia’s collect a lot of old leaves, dead matter & fallen debris at the base. This is a clue you may be carrying too much of a load with you – mentally & emotionally from your past.
  • The silver coating of this plant species helps to reflect sunlight. This is a clue that “it takes a lot of reflection” see the real issue here. I.e. Think of it like looking down a deep well. You have to keep looking and wait for your inner eyes to adjust to the dark to see the real problem. E.g. Ponder the role of self development in your life & your beliefs about it because the “rejection of perfection” is common.

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