Yellow Flaming Sword ( Attention )


15ml Stock Remedy.



Yellow Flaming Sword

Vriesea flava

Learning what triggers your ‘fight / flight’ response. Understanding the difference between ‘survival mode’ and real life. Watching for sharp changes in temperament the indicate your defences have been triggered.

Positive – Monitor, Watch.

+ Vigilant. Watchful for threats. Raising the alarm when danger arises. Aware of the exact danger. Healthy alarm response. Appropriate response to danger. Able to assess and then address dangers, problems and threats to survival as they occur. Logical thinking in relation to potential issues. Shutting down alarm bells once the danger has passed. Returning to a normal operating mentality that is focused on thriving and not surviving.

Negative – Startled, Alarmed.

– Hyper vigilance. Hyper sensitive. Ignoring danger when it arises. Unaware of the actual danger posed. Alarmist reactions. False alarm. Unable to assess the situation or think clearly. Confused by multiple warning bells that are sounding in your mind. Reacting to old warning signals that are left over from dangers long since over. Over reacting to current events and news because it triggers your fears. Inappropriate response to life because you are blinded by warning signals that are firing off inappropriately. Living in a constant state of alarm. Ever watchful for threats. Unable to see present dangers because you are always in a hyper state of alarm. Blind to danger because your internal warning systems are overloaded. Numb to the presence is real problems because you have taught yourself to shutdown. Shutting down your survival instincts because they fire off constantly. Dumb to danger. Adrenal fatigue.

Cause of Issue – Con(scious)fusion.

The Botanical Archetype Vriesea relieves issues caused by con(scious)fusion & conflicting thoughts.


The thought of “production” triggers the adrenal glands. Remaining in a state of “constant production” and activity, drains them.

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