Rebirth IV | Stage 4 of 5

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Rebirth IV | Stage 4 of 4

Dyckia marnier-lapostollii ~ Issues of Ego.


  1. Ending old patterns. Engaging your problems & doing what you need to do to put them to rest.
  2. Allowing the cycles of nature to bring change. As opposed to mechanically via an act of will.
  3. Realizing that this moment is brand new & completely free of the past.

Positive – Renew, Refresh.

  • Rebirth – Stage 4.
  • Completion of an old cycle.
  • End of an era. Closing a chapter of your life because you have moved onto a new one.
  • Reborn in the moment. Giving birth to something new.
  • Starting a new chapter. Growing out of the life / experiences that belong to an earlier stage of awareness.

Negative –  Repeat, Replay.

  • Not waking up to yourself.
  • Repeating the same mistakes. Repeatedly giving birth to the same pain.
  • Replaying the same problems over & over again like a broken record.
  • Changing jobs, relationships, etc. Finding the same issues arise because your consciousness has not changed.
  • Using your mind to deny, change or ignore the problems in your life. Destined to return to where you left off in ‘the cycle of experience’ to engage & complete it.

Cause of Issue – Evolution ( of the Ego, Not the Immortal Soul / Spirit )

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