What's Inside? Let's Dive In.


Blue labels are flower remedies for the mental body.
Commands from the Higher Self stream through the mental body from "the Heavens Above". Your thoughts are designed to move quick-as-lightning, so keep your mental body clear.

This lesson will focus on the 15ml bottles of flower remedies. Future lessons will look at blending them together and more advanced techniques. For now let’s open a bottle and see what’s inside.

The Bottles

The Skyflowers are presented in 15ml, amber glass bottles and have black rubber tops that function as a dropper. All of our flower remedies and combinations are 15ml stock concentrate. They contain 40% brandy ( preservative ), 60% spring water and a mother liquid to power them. 

While you can take your drops at stock strength, it is more economical to dilute them down – using just one or two drops – and take them as a dilution. The method we recommend is to add a few drops to your daily water bottle and sip them throughout the day. This way you won’t forget to take your drops, will have day-long coverage and will be properly hydrated. Which is crucial during a course of drops.

That’s the bottles. Now let’s read the labels.

The Labels

A lot thought has gone into designing the labels for the Skyflowers. 

On the front, you will see the Skyflowers logo and the name of the remedy. The Skyflowers are either named by the common name of the plant or in the absence of a common name, by their essential quality such as Confidence, Innocence or Patience. 

On the left side of the label you have the ingredients. And on the right side you have a description of the negative issue the remedy deals with and a botanical symbol which we will cover in a future lesson.

If we look at the front again, do you see the colors blue, green or red circling the name of the remedy? These colors aren’t purely for cosmetic purposes. They have a meaning. They are indicators designed to tell you what type of remedy you are using.

The Skyflowers uses a color-coded, cross-reference system of blue, green & red in all of our products. From our 15ml remedies to our books, website & workshops, these three colors are used everywhere in the Skyflowers ecosystem.

The color codes on the labels provide you with detailed information, at a glance. They communicate volumes of diagnostic information that doesn’t fit on a label. Pay attention to these three colors when you see them and familiarize yourself with what they mean. Believe me, there’s a whole world to explore. It’s the tip of a giant iceberg. The color codes are the most important information on the label and will take your flower therapy to a whole new level. 

Botanical Diagnosis, Basics

This simple, color-coded system is part of a system we call ‘botanical diagnosis’. It is a  system designed for Clinical Flower Therapy and is based on the science of botany and the botanical classification of plants. 

Basically, we have mapped an entire plant family ( and their sub-families & genera ) to their corresponding psychological patterns. And translated their general properties into a simple, understandable language anyone can understand. There’s a lot to botanical diagnosis and it is something of a ‘world first’ in plant medicine. 

Volumes of information are present in the form of color-codes and botanical symbols so you know what kind of remedy you are using, at-a-glance. Or , if you want to go deep into the study of a particular issue, the information is available to you in our books and workshops. You have the option for simplicity and depth. The choice is yours.

The system of color-codes was designed to make it simple for beginners to learn, clear for natural therapy students to understand during their studies and powerful for practices to use in clinic. Beginners will learn to use flower remedies like a pro, right from the start of their training. And veteran therapists will handle flower remedies the same way a doctor handles a scalpel – with surgical precision. 

The color codes represent more than three decades of deep meditation, botanical research & clinical observation. Simplified and distilled down to three basic colors and some plant symbols. I’ll explain more about the plant symbols later., in another lesson. 

For now, your homework is to get familiar with the color-codes and learn about the three ( very ) different types of flower remedies each color represents. This might seem basic to you and you want to skip ahead, but understand these color codes form the basis of the advanced techniques to come. Understand the significance of the color codes and you’re on your way to the professional leagues of Clinical Flower Therapy. 

1. The color-codes tell you where to look for answers to your problem – your thinking, your actions or your physical reality. Simple. Quick. Clear. 

2. Kinesiologists can scan the box of Skyflowers, to establish context, right at the start of the consultation. Pre-Checks. Test. Correct.

3. The color codes of red, blue and green are like learning your A, B, C’s. Learn the letters first. Later you can spell words when you combine them. 


Green remedies are for the emotional body.
Emotion is designed to flow. So express yourself, take action today & let fly!


Red remedies are for the physical realm.
Grounding the Higher Self, here on Earth. Grounding in your body is the way.

Skyflowers with a blue color-code are flower remedies for the mental body. They are of a high-vibration and focus the minds eye on negative thought patterns, bad mental habits and help to bring mental clarity. They raise your thinking to new heights.

1. Look at the flower remedies above. Do you see how they relate to thinking rather than to emotions or feelings?

2. The mind is like a bow and arrow. I.e. You pick a target or a goal and let fly. The mental body is not designed to remain tense or ‘hold’ mental images – even positive ones must be lived! Mental tension ( holding of mental energy ) results in friction in the mind/body system.

3. A thought is a mental command. A directive to create what has been pictured, imaged or thought of. Contemplate this, a thought is a… command. Not an idle thing.

Detailed guide to treating the mental body. Coming soon.

Skyflowers with a green color-code are flower remedies for the emotional body. They are of a middle/medium-vibration and focus the minds eye on destructive behaviours, sabotage patterns and help to express yourself. They raise your actions to new heights.

1. Your emotions are designed to flow. They are a color palette to fully experience life. Are you fluent in the expression of each one?

2. Emotions like anger or fear are designed to protect you from harm. Do you fully express ‘negative emotions’ like anger or fear? Or do you suppress them?

3. An emotion is not just an internal feeling. Your emotions are designed to drive your actions in the real world. Do you act on your emotions & freely express them through your actions.

Detailed guide to treating the emotional body. Coming soon.

Skyflowers with a red color-code are flower remedies for the physical body. They are of a (s)low vibration and focus the minds eye on your current experiences, physical health issues and help to ground your Higher Self. They raise your reality to new heights.

1. Do you have health issues that persist or problems in your life that won’t go away, no matter how hard you try? Do you know the cause of the problem or is it too long ago to remember? I.e. “Karma”.

2. How do you keep things real in your life? What is your method for staying authentic, real and grounded as a human being?

3. Your 5 senses gather information that grounds you in the here-and-now. This information updates your views of life and dispels any illusions you have. Practice paying attention to your 5 senses for an entire day and see what happens.

Detailed guide to treating your whole physical reality, not just your body. Coming soon.

End of Lesson. Summary.

As the song goes, “Easy as A,B,C, easy as 1, 2,3…” Clinical Flower Therapy is as easy as red, blue, green.

The color codes on the label of each of our flower remedies, is as important as learning your A, B, C’s in kiddy school. First, you learn the basic letters of the alphabet and soon you will learn to spell words. It will make sense in the next lesson when we start mixing flower remedies and combining the colors together to make designer combinations. For now, let’s keep it simple and put a solid foundation of learning in place by thinking “blue, green & red.” 

Before moving onto the next lesson, look at the flowers that belong to each color-code and get a sense of their differences. 

While it may seem a tad basic and you’re eager to get to the advanced techniques, relax. I’m taking you by the shortcut. Learning the color codes is the fastest path to the pro-leagues of Clinical Flower Therapy. 


Brendan Rohan – founder of the Skyflowers

Why Do Professionals Choose the Skyflowers? It's Easy.


Since 1997, we've gone beyond 'making' flower remedies. We've 'married botanical science with vibrational medicine' and created a system that applies flower remedies the way nature intended - with surgical precision.


When you select a remedy, our 'world-first' system helps you pinpoint the "core issue" & know the exact type of pattern you're dealing with. You'll even know where the issue is located - mental, emotional or physical body.  
Before taking drops!


Whether you're a complete beginner, a student of natural medicine or a professional therapist with years of experience, the Skyflowers will take your work to a whole new level.
We guarantee you'll be telling your friends. Let fly!

"The Skyflowers have evolved over millennia to become some of the most advanced plants on Earth. After a few drops of our flower remedies you will see why."

Brendan Rohan | founder of Clinical Flower Therapy & the Skyflowers.