King of Bromeliads ( Decisive )

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15ml stock remedy for the mental body.



King of Bromeliads

Vriesea heiroglyphica

15ml Stock Flower Remedy for the Mental Body.


The King of Bromeliads is a large, urn-shaped plant with bold patterns on the leaves. The flower spike the resembles a lightning bolt. Commanding in its presence, the flower remedy brings out powerful & lighting fast-thinking.


Spiritual Life ( of the Higher Self )

  • Your mental body streams a higher intelligence, from a higher source, into the world. This process is lightning-fast. Your mind is powerful. Act on this higher intelligence as soon it comes to mind.
  • There is a discipline to using your mind, the way it was designed. Not just any old way that ends up causing problems.
  • Focus your mind on high-grade pursuits. Conduct your whole life, with this in mind. Aligning yourself with your higher purpose for living and not on low-grade things that are beneath you. Wear the crown of your destiny.


Positive – Decisive, Quick.

  • Decisive thinking. Equally decisive action to ‘move on your mind’.
  • Quick-thinking. Quick action.
  • Lightning-fast response to situations as they arise.
  • Following through on your thoughts, plans & ideas. Decisive action so there is no room for doubt; only action.
  • Mental dieting – Guarding your thought-space ( from the enemies of fear, doubt, distraction, etc ) & keeping your mind clear. Allowing no subject to take up more time than is necessary.


Negative – Confused, Indecisive.

  1. Con(scious)fusion. Muddled, mixed thinking which leads to mistakes.
  2. Quick to change your mind. Slow to act.
  3. Emotional thinking. Letting your emotions rule your mind & making decisions based upon your current emotional state.
  4. Afraid to make a mistake. Afraid of possibilities that you can correct as-you-go.
  5. Clouded. Cluttering your mind with unspent mental energy; desires as well as fears.


Practitioner Notes ( Core Issue )

Here is a detailed guide to the King of Bromeliads, the significance of its botanical classifications and a ‘3d model’ of the stress pattern that it corrects.

  • Plant Family ( Theme ) – Each plant family ( rose, cactus, bromeliad ) has its own philosophy. The spiritual theme of plants belonging to the Pineapple or Bromeliad family is ‘stress about life’. I.e. Stressful lifestyles ( based on the ego, temporary world ) which conflict with the natural, life-process of the soul, immortal spirit. All remedies made from bromeliads cater to this core theme.
  • Sub-Family 1( of 3 Locations: Mental Body ) – The first sub-family of bromeliads are known as ‘air plants’. Air plants are high vibration remedies & bring the minds eye to the mental body. The mental body is the location of this imbalance & is where therapy efforts should be focused. Air plants process unspent energy in the mental body. I.e. Thinking, active thought patterns, focus, mental habits, etc.
  • Genus ( Stress Pattern ) – In botany, Vriesea’s are a sub-group of the air plants and are commonly known as ‘Flaming Swords’. The stress pattern Flaming Swords defuse is con(scious)fusion in the mental body. Confusion is caused by ‘trying to think of two things or more, at the same time’. This clouds the mind & results in doubt, lack of clarity & a wide range of other mental-body issues.
  • Species ( Vr. heiroglyphica, Symptom ) – The King of Bromeliads has all of the above properties. It specifically deals with the manifest issue of ‘unsure & indecisive’, caused by confusion in the mental body.
  • Summary– Flaming Swords ( Vriesea ) clarify the mental channels so you can stream a higher intelligence into the world, through the mental body. They process energy in the mental body & overcome the problems caused by the low-grade thinking of the ego.

This is a professional technique known as ‘botanical diagnosis’. It provides a deep understanding of the issue and raises awareness, before drops are even applied.

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Pro Tip

Confusion, worry & doubt are not emotions or feelings. They are the by-product of active thought processes & disappear when that mental activity stops.


Homework ( “30 Day Challenge” )

  • Take the 30 day challenge ( with or without this remedy ) & meditate on the theme of “decisiveness” for the month.
  • Take the remedy for 5-7 days and continue your daily meditation. Once the course of drops is complete, allow your mind/body system to rest ( days 8-30 ) & settle into this pattern.
  • The King of Bromeliads is about quick-thinking & decisive action, so continue to meditate daily ( for the rest of the month ) on this natural quality of the soul. Begin a new meditation, next month.


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