Star of Venezuela | 15ml Remedy

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Star of Venezuela

Navia igneosicola

Mentally dividing creation, life, self and then projecting your finer qualities onto the universe, better health, higher self, etc. Dividing yourself from nature & creating a rift where there is none. Realising that you cannot heal, mend or fix ‘polarity issues’ because they are merely a conflict in consciousness, not a conflict in the soul.


Sanity. Repairing the damage done by conflicting views of who you are. Quitting the fruitless process of fixing problems that only exist in your mind. Reducing the gap between your mind, your soul and physical reality. Realizing that many health issues are a sign of a deep split in the psyche and need to be addressed there; not at the symptomatic level. Returning to normal because you have removed the thinking that prevents balance, peace and harmony.

Negative – Contrary, Contradictory.

The cycle of suffering.

  1. Polarized Thinking – A ego-personality that appears to be centered and normal but is really one side of an opposite. A core belief system that represents one side of a divide. At one end of the spectrum while believing you are in balance, centered in your views and are right. Unable to find your natural center because you cling to an ego-model that is created by thinking, not nature. ‘The Healers Wound’ – the reason why healers never fully heal themselves.
  2. Contrary Behaviour – Living two lives. Playing out two sides of the personality. Prone to contrary or contradictory behaviour. Playing out both sides of the story. Playing out both sides of your struggles – one side consciously, the other subconsciously. Battling with the dark side of the ego. Shadow issues. Swinging between two ends of an emotional spectrum like a pendulum. Bouncing between good and bad, acceptable and unacceptable and other believed opposites. Going from one extreme to the other. Needing to go to extremes to make contact with the other side of your soul.
  3. Fighting Yourself – Working against yourself. Requiring division for your world view to function. Fighting your issue and so causing the inner pendulum to swing higher. Tearing yourself apart looking for answers and wounding yourself in the process. Building your life around your deepest fears and then trying to compensate for it.  At war with yourself. Never far from your demon. Fighting phantoms of the mind. Giving life to your demons.
  4. Fighting Life – Fighting for your life because your worldview demands it. In deep conflict with life. Pitted against it. Unable to find a common, healthy or stable ground in life. Spending more and more energy fixing or healing a soul that is not broken. ‘Trojan horse’ health care practices that perpetuate the real issue. Installing your problems inside of core beliefs about life, health and self. Building a life ( career ) atop of your deepest issue.Mental anguish. Tormented by your mind.
  5. Normalization – Schism ( division of the whole and then grating identity to the parts ). Deeply divided psyche that manifests as an insurmountable problem or impossible challenge. Unable to cross your own mental chasm. Living with problems caused by a conflicted consciousness as they they were fact, natural and normal. Justifying conflicted viewpoints of life and arguing they are real. Caught in a cycle of anguish, pain and torment. Living a life of suffering. Exiled from the garden of Eden and forgetting that it ever existed.

Cause of Issue – Polarization ( Deep Mental Division ) – The Botanical Archetype Navia is still under research. They are for mending deep, mental divisions caused by a polarity / opposition in consciousness.

Lesson of this Plant Group

There is no bringing balance to a system that is unified, whole and singular. Where there is singularity, there is no grounds for illness to take root and grow.

The Doctrine of Signatures

Genus Navia is a group of about 100 species that grow in the steamy jungles of northern South America. They have a similarity to genus Cryptanthus, the Earth Stars and strongly relate to these remedies. The spectacular rainbow of colors in this species has sends mixed messages. Red is an alarm and warning about an intense emotion. The mix of colors has a stunning or startling effect. The overall signature, however, signals something fantastic is about to happen.

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