Rebirth III | Stage 3 of 5

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Rebirth III | Stage 3 of 4

Botanical Name – Dyckia remotifolia var. angustior

Positive – Unlocked, Accessible.

+ Rebirth – Stage 3. Letting go of old mindsets, even ones that were once viewed as healthy. Breaking free. Progressing beyond where you have gone before. Able to step forward into new life experiences. Growing out of blocks & barriers that belong to lower states of mind.

Negative – Block, Barrier

– Emotional Blocks. Blocked from moving on. Problems that defy any attempt to fix them. Believing you are ‘blocked’. Blocked by your own mentality. Beliefs that serve as a barrier. Blaming your situation but failing to see that the issue is really your mentality and approach to life. Held back and unable to move on because of your mentality – i.e. the constant desire to heal, change, grow, learn, find answers, etc. Retarded by beliefs that appear healthy but represent only a certain phase of your evolution. Unable to go beyond a certain stage in your development; i.e ‘healing constantly but never finished healing‘. Tripped by your own beliefs. Blocking yourself. Stopping progress. False sabotage – not making progress despite being completely free to. Using a mindset that is either outdated or a poor match for what you are experiencing.

Cause of Issue – Under Research.

The Botanical Archetype Dyckia is still under research. One clue is that they are for ‘transformation’ and deep shifts in consciousness.

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