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Affirmation ( of Life )

Billbergia iridiflora

Life is its own affirmation & is naturally moving you towards higher states of being. Changing your internal dialogue from statements like “I am confident” to “life prepares me for anything”, thus defusing ego-bubbles. Affirming the power of a single thought rather than ‘jack-hammering’ with positive thinking.


Self talk that is positive to your aims and progressive. Aware that life, by nature, is positive and your experiences reflect the content of your mind. Riding the wave of positivity that life provides.

  1. Affirmation of life. Life affirming statements. Affirming the positive qualities of life that cradle your soul, self and spirit. Life is the only affirmation you need.
  2. Power of word. Power of a single thought. Setting your intent and allowing them to ‘germinate’ in consciousness, unfolding like a flower to motivate your actions and move your life. Setting your intent once and staying on that frequency channel.
  3. Affirmation through action. Stating your intention once and then getting on with the job.
  4. Cleaning up your self talk. Inspecting your thinking for what it really implies, no matter how positive it appears on the surface. Looking at what you are really saying about your perfect soul when you use a positive affirmation. I.e. “I seek healing, change & growth because my self image tells me my soul is broken.” Looking at why you need to use affirmations in the first place. Affirming that you don’t need affirmations, you need to take action.
  5. Aware that the statement “I am” is a statement of limitation in itself, and refers to a self ( ego ) that is seperate from all life ( out there ). Understanding that it is these very statements that have caused the issue you face. I.e. Conflict with others, disharmony with life, etc.

Negative – Derogatory, Degrade.

Self talk that slowly degrades you over time. Lowering your worth. Identifying with derogatory comments made by others. Stuck in a cycle of destroying your sense of self and then trying to boost it.

  1. Affirmation of the ego. I am, self focused statements. Affirming a seperate self from the outside world that needs to change to overcome the challenges of it. ‘Ego hardening’. Possessing a ‘me vs the world’ perspective of life.
  2. Lacking confidence in the power ( and design ) of thought by repeating positive or power statements. ‘Jack hammering’ at the universe with mental energy. Overwriting an intention with the same intent, thus stopping the germination process of mental energy and the mobilization of your emotional and physical body. Using the mind but lacking understanding how thought is designed.
  3. Affirmation through verbal statements only. Lack of affirmative action.
  4. Negative self talk. Degrading who you are. Negative self talk that is derogatory to your spirit. Using positive thinking or affirmations that undermine your soul, spirit and natural self. Driven by a faulty self image to “build yourself up”, thus affirming that your spirit is flawed and needs fixing. Diets, health programs, etc that reflect a disturbing thought.
  5. Addiction to positive thinking or affirmations. Afraid to stop thinking positively for fear of ‘going backwards’ or falling apart. Unable to stand firm. Hardening the ego. Building an ego bubble around yourself that clashes with life. Affirming that life is a problem.

Cause of Issue – Negative Affirmation.

The Botanical Archetype Billbergia relieves issues caused by negative affirmations & limiting statements about self.


The flower of Affirmation works on 2 levels.

  1. At the surface level, the flower highlights negative self talk and thinking that contradicts the nature of your spirit. It removes thinking that is based upon a faulty self image.
  2. At the subtle level, the flower highlights ‘core affirmations’ and the fundamental motivation behind what you say, think and do. I.e. Health programs based upon an incorrect self image, etc.
  3. The flower of Affirmation looks at everything you do, not just what you deem as unhealthy. It also looks at the motivation behind the ‘healthy’ things you do. Habits that never get examined as to whether they are 100% healthy.

The flower of Affirmation points to the real reason why you do the things you do. It strips away limiting statements and affirms the natural properties of life. When we understand the process of life, we see that ‘life is life giving’ and by participating in it, we learn, grow and evolve as human beings. By way of the natural process. Not via mechanical attempts to change ourselves driven by a faulty self image.

See: Genus Billbergia for more information. The subject of Affirmations will be taken up in the book, “Clinical Flower Therapy”.

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