Social Crisis | 15ml Blend for Panic & Mass Hysteria


15ml Stock Combination Remedy.



Social Crisis 15ml Blend

Social Crisis 15ml is the first of 3 blends designed to deal with the effects of shock & awe in a disaster & the resulting panic in a full scale emergency.

The 3 Social Crisis 15ml are variants of the Personal Crisis 15ml blend for personal care.

  1. Social Crisis 15ml – Initial shock & awe from a disaster. Temporary state of panic & hysteria in society.
  2. Social Crisis II 15ml – Civil unrest, rioting & violence. Escalating tension, built up of pressure or prolonged state of emergency.
  3. Social Crisis III 15ml – Declaration of war or a complete breakdown of society & social structures. Decline of society.

Social Crisis 15ml is an “anti-virus” blend that reduces the impact of social panic, mass hysteria and collective fear that “goes viral” in a crisis. The blend stops the spread of panic through the mental & emotional body and helps to “clear the smoke” coming from the collective unconscious. Perfect for first responders or sensitive people.

A powerful blend of remedies, specially designed for the outbreak of fear & irrational behaviour in society.


  1. Calm – Anxious, Worried.
  2. Pineapple – Tense, Serious.
  3. Purple Heart – Dramatize, Exaggerate.
  4. Queen of Bromeliads – Panic, Hysterical.
  5. Chakra Flower – Shock, Disoriented.
  6. Tears of the Sun – Disastrous, Horrific.
  7. Green Carpet Bromeliad – Uncontrollable, Virulent.
  8. Yellow Flaming Sword – Alarmed, Startled.
  9. Self Awareness – Lost, Bewildered.

Pro System: Social Crisis 25ml Blend contains a variety of ‘heavy hitting’ remedies. Here is a breakdown of the ingredients.

  1. Mental Body – The flower of Calm & Yellow Flaming Sword work directly on thought patterns, to establish a clear mind.
  2. Emotional Body – The Purple Heart helps you to see things in proportion, so you can appropriately respond. The Pineapple helps to relax the mind/body system and the Chakra Flower helps align the subtle body so your mind remains centred & grounded. Lastly, we have added the flower of Self Awareness for establishing a strong sense of self.
  3. Physical / Experiential Body – Then the 2 ancestral bromeliads help to ground you. Tears of the Sun is for comprehending massive events and getting a concept. Lastly, powering the blend is the Green Carpet Bromeliad that acts as an ‘anti-viral’ component to stop wild thinking from spreading and your emotions from taking control.

 No medical claims made.

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Weight 70 g
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 100 mm