Social Crisis 2 | 15ml Blend for Civil Unrest & Violence

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15ml Stock Combination Remedy.



Social Crisis II 15ml Blend

Social Crisis II 15ml is the second of 3 blends designed to deal with the awful effects of civil unrest & the outbreak of violence in society.

The 3 Social Crisis 15ml are variants of the personal Emotional Rescue 25ml Blend.

  1. Social Crisis 15ml – Initial shock & awe from a disaster. Temporary state of panic & hysteria in society.
  2. Social Crisis II 15ml – Civil unrest, rioting & violence. Escalating tension, built up of pressure or prolonged state of emergency.
  3. Social Crisis III 15ml – Declaration of war or a complete breakdown of society & social structures. Decline of society.

Social Crisis II 15ml is an “anti-virus” blend that reduces the impact of social panic, mass hysteria and collective fear that “goes viral” in a crisis. The blend stops the spread of panic through the mental & emotional body and helps to “clear the smoke” coming from the collective unconscious. Perfect for sensitive people.

A powerful blend of remedies, specially designed for the outbreak of anger & irrational behaviour in society.


  1. Mercy – Hostile, Agressive.
  2. Pygmy Pineapple – Escalating Tension, Pressure. ( Stage 2 Stress )
  3. Community – Antisocial, Inhospitable.
  4. Grace – Upset, Emotional.
  5. Harmony – Problem, Conflict.
  6. Queen of Bromeliads – Panic, Hysteria.
  7. Heart of Flame – Brutal, Barbaric.
  8. Green Carpet Bromeliad – Uncontrollable, Virulent.
  9. Self Awareness – Lost, Bewildered.

Pro System: Social Crisis II 25ml contains a variety of ‘heavy hitting’ remedies. Here is a breakdown of the ingredients.

  1. Mental Body – The flower of Mercy promotes harmlessness and reduces thoughts of revenge and retaliation.
  2. Emotional Body – The Pygmy Pineapple helps to relax the mind/body system. The flower of Community restores a sense of community and socially acceptable behaviour. The flower of Grace is for people swept up in a maelstrom of emotion. The flower of Harmony is for peacefully resolving conflict. The Queen of Bromeliads is for composure and poise and the flower of Self Awareness for establishing a strong sense of self.
  3. Physical / Experiential Body – There are 2 ancestral bromeliads help to ground you. The Heart of Flame is for updating primitive thought patterns and unrefined behaviour based upon them. Lastly, powering the blend is the Green Carpet Bromeliad that acts as an ‘anti-viral’ component to stop wild thinking from spreading and your emotions from taking control.

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