Spanish Moss ( Trust )

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15ml Stock Remedy.



Botanical Name – Tillandsia useneoides

Positive – Trusting, Connected.
+ Trusting. Woven into the fabric of life. Connection, interrelationship and interdependence as indestructible facts of life. Chance meetings with long-time friends or old connections. Different aspects of life coming together.

Negative – Lonely, Isolated. 
– Lonely. Isolated. Trust Issues. Disconnection issues caused by the ego separating ‘this’ from ‘that’, ‘me’ from ‘you’, ‘self’ from ‘world’. Distrust due to feeling isolated from the whole. Believing the subtle link between you & others can be broken.

Cause of Issue – Fixation / Habituation.
The Botanical Archetype Tillandsia relieves issues caused by fixation ( excessive focus ), obsession & repetitive habit.

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