Learning ( Knowledge )

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Learning ( Knowledge )

Tillandsia latifolia

Building up your understanding by learning one thing at a time. Studying subjects in depth so that you develop a core knowledge of how they work. Fact-based learning that discards confusing ideas and irrelevant information.

Positive Understand, Know.

+ Knowledge. Understanding. Core knowledge. Knowledge of core concepts, mechanics and basic principles. Knowing how things work and how components interact with each other. Possessing a deep understanding of the principles behind a subject. Able to explain how something works in a clear and simple manner. Learning about a single concept and building up your understanding of it. Able to communicate complex subjects with clarity and in a way that it is easy to understand. Mastering a subject.

Negative  Unsure, Unclear

– Uninformed. Misunderstanding. Surface knowledge. Knowledge of the existence of a concept but not how it works. Beliefs that are not built on a solid foundation of knowledge. Unsure of yourself. Unclear why something is true or not. Unable to explain how things work. Thinking that lacks fundamental knowledge, concept or a solid basis. Lacking in(ner)sight of what ‘stands-under’ your thoughts and ideas. Misunderstanding the fundamentals of something because your knowledge base is superficial, shallow and lacking detail. Trying to learn and understand different concepts at the same time. Filling your mind with mountains of information and then trying to make sense of it. Flooding your mind with factoids and bits information and then thinking you know something. Clouded by spiritual thinking that is taken from different cultures, healing systems & disciplines that are fundamentally different from each other. Spiritual beliefs but little understanding of them.

Cause of Issue – Fixation / Habituation.

The Botanical Archetype Tillandsia relieves issues caused by fixation ( excessive focus ), obsession & repetitive habit.

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