Lime Star ( Self Reliance )

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Lime Star

Cryptanthus acaulis

Standing in your power. Empowerment-of-all-selves, not just oneself. Leaning directly on your unique skills, natural talents and abilities for life support. 


Self empowerment. Self reliant. Empowered. Independent. Practicing the kind of self development that actually develops you into a strong, emotionally robust person who can handle life. Throwing away your emotional crutches that served you once but weaken you long term. Leaving co-dependent relationships to become your own person. Looking for the ways you disempower yourself. Health practitioners who encourage their clients to become self reliant, not reliant on their therapy.

Negative – Compensation, Co-Dependence. 

Reliant. Disempowered. Dependent. Needy. Clinging to emotional crutches that make you sink like a stone. Leaning on things like self help, spiritual thought, natural therapies, etc and becoming overly reliant upon them for support. Adopting a ‘self help’ mentality as your approach to life and never switching it off. Practicing self development but only developing more of a reliance on ‘self help’. Relying on band aid cures to bring about sense of wholeness. Reliant on others for the care you can give yourself. Stuck in co-dependent relationships and unhealthy ways of relating to others. Blaming others for the choices that you made that disempower you. Personal power and ‘self empowerment’ that is essentially self-centered, selfish and ignores the same rights of other human beings.

Cause of Issue – Projection ( of Consciousness ).
The Botanical Archetype Cryptanthus relieves issues caused by a projection of your own consciousness.

Lesson of this Plant Group


The Doctrine of Signatures

Like all of the Cryptanthus, the Flower of Empowerment has no obvious signature traits that highlight its use. These flowers require a deep contemplation and questioning to ascertain their purpose, which is a signature in itself. And is precisely what these flowers are used for. Asking questions until answers return.

No Medical Claims Made.

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