Yellow Bell Bromeliad | 15ml Remedy


15ml Stock Remedy.



Botanical Name – Puya mirabilis

+ Shedding mental layers. ‘Peeling the layers of the onion’. Unraveling your illusions. Shedding what is no longer relevant from your life. Allowing old consciousness to drop away. Using the mind to focus reality into being, not hold it in place. Conflicting consciousness that needs to be revealed so that life can move into a better pattern, naturally.

Negative – Unraveling, Falling Apart. 
– Holding your life together via an act of will. Afraid to let go of inner holding. Using mental energy to hold reality at bay. Spiralling out of control as soon as you relax your grip on life. Falling apart and watching your life follow suit. Unable to hold it together anymore.

Cause of Issue – Under Research.
The Botanical Archetype Puya is still under research. One clue is that they are for ‘rehabilitation’ work.

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Weight 60 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 90 mm