Sapphire Tower | 15ml Remedy

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The Sapphire Tower

Puya alpestris

Natural health – mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually – that is automatically produced by natural forces. Allowing nature to arrange ( and rearrange ) your entire body-system to suit your present life. Letting go of wilful & mechanical attempts to adapt yourself to life.


At home in the modern world. Grounded in the natural order. Allowing your energy body to adapt and arrange itself to suit your present environment. Tapping into the deepest fibres of your being to provide order, balance and equilibrium in your mind and body. Accepting technology as neither good nor bad and harnessing for spiritual purposes. Combining spiritual insight & technological advance into the one lifestyle.

Negative –  Scattered, Disarray.

Scatter brained. In disarray. Jumbled. Scrambled thinking. Mentally frazzled. Fuzzy brained. Foggy and perpetually unclear. Hazy. Scattered attempts to manually restore inner order. Finding it harder and harder to ground yourself. Needing to go to ever greater lengths to ground yourself in the present moment. Aversion to technology and deeply disturbed by electrical devices that go with the modern world. Problems with electromagnetic fields.

Cause of Issue – Destabilization ( Debilitation ) The Botanical Archetype Puya is still under research. One clue is that they are for ‘rehabilitation’ work.

Lesson of this Plant Group

You cannot ‘create’ good health nor ‘make’ the perfect life, for they come naturally. You can, however, disturb them in so many different ways.

The Doctrine of Signatures

While we could be distracted by the amazing teal-blue flowers of The Sapphire Tower, the real feature to take notice of is at the base of the plant – the roots. Like all other Puya species, The Sapphire Tower is rock solid. It is a plant that is literally ‘bolted to the ground’ and once established, you would need a small-sized bulldozer or half a day with a shovel to remove it. This primary feature indicates a firm grounding & core ( spiritual, not just emotional ) strength provided by species in this plant group.

The flowers are exquisite, deep, silky-blue flowers on top of 6′ high flower spikes. They are a spectacle and ‘wow’ many a gardener or passer by. While the flowers are lovely and have some signatures ‘health clues’ that you can read, the main lesson is learned by studying ( and embodying ) the root system of the plant. The roots teach the lesson that health issues are the result of a failure to connect with the source of life.

No Medical Claims Made.

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