Silver Thorn

Puya venusta ~ Issues of Core Strength & Rehabilitation.

  1. Life is a natural process. By living your life, you are evolving spiritually.
  2. The mind is for focusing life energy. It is not designed for pushing life into place, with mental/life force.
  3. Your life experiences are a reflection of your consciousness. The problems you face will remain while there is no change in consciousness, so quit pushing against them.

Positive – Effortless, Facile.

  • Natural lifestyle.
  • The life process is also a ‘fool proof’ spiritual process that ‘anyone can do’. Which your mind probably will argue against.
  • Earth-based, practical and grounded spirituality that is about ‘living life as a spirited human being’.
  • Allowing your deeper soul/spirit ( and not your ego/surface mind ) to direct your path in life.
  • Using your mind to focus your life energy on what you want in life. Effortlessly, without force, re-affirming or ‘jack hammering’.

Negative – Forceful, Pushy. 

  • Being a thorn in your own side.
  • Pushing yourself around. Angry at yourself because you constantly push yourself to change, grow, learn or better yourself.
  • Constantly tampering with reality. Forcing changes that are measured by your ego-mind & faulty self image.
  • Exerting mental energy, constant pressure and physical force to keep your life going. Exhausted by doing so.
  • Driving a wedge of mental energy into your biology. Destabilising your natural equilibrium and health.

Cause of the Problem – Delusion ( Misperception of Reality ).

  • The Puya’s relieve issues caused by the ego’s illusions that result in dysfunction & instability within the mind / body system.
  • See: Skyflowers: Pro System for more information.

Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 90 mm