Queen of Bromeliads ( Composure )

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Queen of Bromeliads

Aechmea mariae-reginae

Flower Remedy, 15ml Stock


The Queen of Bromeliads is a versatile, ‘medical-grade’ remedy that helps to develop strong, leadership qualities. But it really shines during crisis care & emotional rescue work when support is required. A “must-have” remedy in the toolkit.


Spiritual Life ( Correct Attitude )

  • Conduct yourself as if you are the king or queen of a kingdom. Because you are, the kingdom of your life.
  • A wise king or queen conducts themselves with power, thoughtfulness, grace, patience, respect, confidence and other higher qualities. Act this way in your own life.
  • Day-to-day events of human life may disturb the ego ( due to its limited perspective ). Whereas the soul / spirit is at peace with the deeper, life-process and so remains tranquil, calm and at peace. Wear the crown of your soul.


Positive – Composure, Mild.

  • Self-possession.
  • Remaining cool, calm and collected.
  • Never thrown. Able to think clearly & rationally regardless of external circumstances.
  • Ensuring you are calm when making important, life-changing decisions. Delaying major decisions until you are.
  • Emotionally stable.


Negative – Panic, Hysterical.

  • Chaotic.
  • Easily upset. Dethroned.
  • Thrown into hysterical, irrational & destructive behaviour based on fear.
  • Making major decisions when you are upset. Creating more problems in your life, later on.
  • Disturbed by chaos in society. Swept up in the collective panic.


Practitioner Notes ( Core Issue )

Botanical Diagnosis: Here is a ‘3D model’ of the flower & the stress pattern that it resonates with and corrects.

  • Plant Family ( Pineapple ) – Stressed about the details of life ( ego, temporal ) which conflicts with the natural, life process ( of the soul, spirit ).
  • Sub-Family (2) – Forest bromeliads bring the minds eye to the emotional body. This is the location of the imbalance.
  • Genus ( Aechmea ) – The stress pattern is the suppression ( of emotion, of self, stopping of life ) & the primary emotion is fear.
  • Species ( mariae-reginae ) – The secondary emotion or manifest symptom is panic & hysteria.
  • Summary – Action flowers ( Aechmea ) like the Queen of Bromeliads promote self/ soul expression and ‘flow of the spirit’ into the world. They express the higher self, which overcomes the problems caused by the ego or lower self.

See: For more information, click here.


Meditation ( Doctrine of Signatures )

  • Meditation on your Divine Nature. By studying the characteristics of mother nature.
  • The Queen of Bromeliads was named for Queen Mary of England. This royal bromeliad deserves the title of queen because of its majestic form & flowers. When plants are named after royalty, meditate on those qualities.
  • The leaves of the plant form a large urn shape and are spacious. The leaves have small, protective thorns along the edge, keeping foraging animals at bay. These two qualities provide clues as to our own, spiritual nature as expansive and well protected. Meditate on these qualities of space and protection.
  • The flowers of the Queen of Bromeliads are spectacular, the sepals ( sheathes ) peel away to reveal an amazing spectacle. Flowers are the expression of our soul and our higher, virtues. Which cannot be stopped by the ego or our limitations.
  • Meditate on your own royalty, divine spirit and how you would handle life if you were a king or queen, seated on an inner throne. Offer your insights up in prayer and give thanks for having these innate qualities.


Homework ( “30 Day Challenge” )

  • Take the 30 day challenge ( with or without this remedy ) & meditate on this theme for the month.
  • Take the remedy for 5-7 days and continue your daily meditation. Once the course of drops is complete, allow your mind/body system to rest ( days 8-30 ) & settle into this pattern.
  • The Queen of Bromeliads is about composure, so continue to meditate daily ( for the rest of the month ) on this natural quality of the soul. Begin a new meditation, next month.


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