Virtue ( Corruption )

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Quesnelia tillandsioides

Remaining loyal to an idea(l) so that you embody those principles. Embodying a higher form of consciousness by remaining loyal to a higher principle. Being true to what you aspire to be. 

Positive – Virtuous, Principled.

  • Integrity.
  • A disciple of human values. Cultivating the higher virtues.
  • Dutiful. Devoting yourself to the pursuit of higher human qualities.
  • Aiming for greatness. Evolving into the personification of the highest human principles.
  • Attaching yourself to a higher state of mind. Lifting yourself up to higher, more refined states of being.

Negative – Perverted, Corrupt.

  • ‘Sinful’.
  • Corrupted by lesser desires & base human instincts.
  • Pursuing perverse or inhumane values.
  • Behaviours based on primitive, low-grade thinking. A lifestyle that is the result of the consequences.
  • Attaching yourself to a lower state of mind. Descending into grosser, less refined states of being & the experiences that go with them.

Cause of Issue – Division, Separation ( from Nature ).

The Botanical Archetype Quesnelia relieves issues caused by *mental division, *separating yourself from the whole which fragments your reality and leads to a sense of alienation and breeds conflict & infighting. ( Aka ‘The ‘Adam & Eve’ complex. )

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