Bronze Flaming Sword ( Authority )

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Bronze Flaming Sword

Vriesea sucrei

Adopting the leadership role. Taking command of your life. Being the author of your destiny.

Positive – Authority, Exercising Power.

+ Leadership. Taking command of your situation. Standing in your power. Steering your life in better directions. Looking for the best way to lead your life and the best direction to go in. Playing the cards you are dealt with intelligence, grace and strategy. Taking charge without being bossy, forceful or disrespectful of the rights of others. Exercising power and spiritual might in a world that is begging for it.

Negative – Powerless, Subordinate.

– Leaderless. Fearing the leadership role. Abdicating from power. Unable to lead your life to greatness. Unable to determine your own fate because you leave others to do it for you. Allowing your life to be dictated by circumstance. Unable to cope with the fact that you are in the leadership, design role of your life. Unsettled whenever you have to make a decision for yourself. Fear of personal power.

Cause of Issue – Confusion.

The Botanical Archetype Vriesea relieves issues caused by con(scious)fusion & conflicting thoughts.


For authority and exercising power. A great flower for entrepreneurs or anyone looking to escape the 9-to-5 job mentality.

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